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thanks, but I'll pass

I've deleted the name to protect the innocent. This is copied exactly as I received it in my email....I find it kind of funny and it makes me want to skip/kick in the air about nixing it this year:

"Also, there has been some confusion regarding the costs associatedwith registering for the ________. Your $35.00 MembershipInvestment provides you also with access to ONE of the following: asite at which to show 1  8 works of art, submission of one piece inthe "Original" Juried Show OR submission of one piece to the OutdoorPublic Art Juried Show. For every additional item beyond this onething, there is an additional $20.00 investment required. Forexample, if you want to show at a site AND have one piece submittedinto the "original" juried show, that would cost $55.00 ($35.00 +$20.00). Similarly, two (2) pieces in the "original" OR outdoorpublic art juried show would cost $55.00. Also, two (2) pieces in the"original" juried art show PLUS exhibiting at a site, would be $75.00.Similarly, two (2) pieces in the outdoor public art juried show PLUSexhibiting at a site, OR showing two (2) pieces in one juried showPLUS one (1) piece in the other juried show would be $75.00. Next,one (1) work of art in one juried show, two (2) works in the otherjuried show, AND exhibiting at a site would be $95.00 Finally,showing two (2) pieces in BOTH juried shows AND exhibiting at a sitewould be $115.00. All of the above examples assume a membershipinvestment of $35.00, which is what an individual or a business with1  2 employees would pay. The membership investment schedule forfirms with 3 or more individuals is somewhat higher, please see theRegistration Form."

*I was a straight A math student, however, I always flunked all story problems. The above at least to me, reads like a story problem and I get lost half way through it. The answer? 'thanks, but I'll pass' I'm too stupid to even understand this.


Shelby said…
well one thing is for sure. it's poorly written and I'd do like you - 'no thanks.'

You still get an A.

take care :)
Tori said…
No, I correct you. You are too smart to fall for this!

Hang in there and don't stop being you.
Daphne said…
It's too long to send into Jay Leno or David Letterman. Too bad. IT's a complete joke...
Clare said…
This feels like it was written by someone who is in their head way too much -- very robotic -- does not play well with other children. I would pass too. I'm sorry because it sounds like it's something you had wanted to do.
Take care.

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