I wonder why I think the above is beautiful. It is just a rusted pipe, discarded and probably sitting at the local scrap yard by now. I've always had a penchant for old, ugly, discarded people and things. No surprise I guess that so far all of my art to date is made from discarded stuff. I realized that I am not tired of making my mixed media photography works, what I was tired of was looking at the same old same old photos I had taken two years ago. This year I've gotten a decent batch of things to work with and I still have time before my fingers turn white from the cold to find a few more places to get good pics of. I think I have also hesitated to take too many pictures because my camera could stand to be replaced and it never feels like I have the right equipment to make the work I want. Somehow I manage to make do or find what I need. I think too that I have made peace with my disruptive summer...hopefully next week everyone leaves for a few months and I have a chance to go down the rabbit hole and make art.

I've been counting my blessings too. This month I have sold the most works ever (seven!). Granted most were small RR Plates, either the clocks or mixed media, and half were sold outside of the home so commission was taken. I am not complaining. I realize that with my limited exposure and even more limited time making art that this isn't something to discredit. I'm loving getting rid of my inventory. I really am a minimalist, I get trapped feeling when I am surrounded and bogged down by possessions. Art included. So it is good and I hope in the next few months more sells and I can feel energized and ready to make more. Still no word on if they are selling the house I caretake for so I'm going to try not worry about where I'm going to be living and ease back into art making.

For those of you who have read my blog with any regularity you know I've had a bit of a crisis for lack of better word, this summer. At times I have been embarrassed by some of my posts but those of you who blog know that blogs can be a mirror as well as cathartic and believe it or not you guys have taught me a thing or two. You are much more forgiving and understanding than I have experienced in much of my real life or expected. It has really blown me away, especially lately, seems a few more 'lurkers' have left comments and that does mean something to me.

It isn't always easy or comfortable to blog. Being an artist is something I would have never in a million years thought I would be, especially as a way to make a living. I don't even know how the idea came to me or why I thought when I left Arizona four years ago that I would become an artist, but here I am. So this is my little thankful post. Thankful for the bloggers that leave comments and let me know who they are. Thankful for you guys for all your own passions that exude from your blogs. Thanks for those of you who send me emails and keep in touch with me and make me laugh or feel like I have someone to commiserate with. This whole 'artist' thing is still unfamiliar territory to me. When I can chill the hell out and be with it I feel a gratitude and wisdom about life that I have only encountered a few times in my life. Believe it or not I do have my moments of clarity and calm...I'm learning to love humanity one little human at a time.


Daphne said...

I'm glad to know you a little bit...and I'm going to send you a jpg of a painting of mine that reminds me of your photograph.

"one little human"- well put.

Clare said...

The rusted pipe is so beautiful -- I love things like this too, and am always on the lookout for them. Things like peeling paint, tears in something, uneven fading, wild textures, -- it's all incredibly gorgeous and alive to me (even if it is considered old or dead, too!). It sounds like things are going well and that you don't have to scramble to move right away. I like what you said about how "it isn't always easy or comfortable to blog." I can relate to that, because I am very shy. Starting my blog was something I couldn't even fathom a year ago -- it would have been to terrifying to me to put myself out in the world like that. But a part of me finally was bursting, with a determined force, to be born -- the part that wanted to be allowed to express itself creatively. I am so happy I found your blog -- I really love how honestly and openly you express yourself and are so real. Your art and photos always blow me away, too. You care very cool!

Clare said...

oops, typo last line -- should say "you are very cool". And you are.

self taught artist said...

clare, wow thanks for your compliments... thanks for adding more zest to my blog with your comments :)

Steve Kane said...

That pipe put me in mind of some kind of spinal column with rusty vertebrae, an exoskeleton of an as yet unidentified metal creature.

I love images of aged metal and crumbling masonry. I've always been more interested in the back of buildings rather than the front visage that most people look upon; I like to see the guts and the organs of buildings hidden away at the back, neglected, taken for granted.

Thanks for this :)

self taught artist said...

I like how you put it...'see the guts and the organs of buildings..'
It does look exoskeletal! Maybe that is what attracts me to this stuff, the massage therapist in me see's it and feels it as it's own body. thanks for the insight!