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I finally took the leap and bought a tripod. Huge difference in my ability to get different angles and not worry about it blurring. I still have a learning curve with macro shots vs. normal, my camera is limited in what I can do and I'm not exactly a read and take directions type of learner. I do best when I can just press buttons and see what happens over and over until it makes a connection in my mind.

I was hoping to go back yesterday to all the places I have been this summer to get more pictures but everything had changed. Those big rusty pipe things are gone save for a few, none of which have the cool designs on them. The big tractor was still there, right off the two lane highway up north. I noticed when I looked over my images that this particular photo (top image) looks like two breasts with the chain across and in between the chest . I like it. I could keep going there and taking the same pictures over and over. It's good practice using a tripod on uneven muddy ground. If I can take a good shot under those conditions I will be able to handle anything! I didn't want to muddy my new toy up, but Tod insisted I use it. I had jumped out of the van (which we are now calling the dumpster) without it and I got yelled at to come back and use it, that's why I paid $238 isn't it????

Remember the huge round rings we found at the farm earlier this summer? There was one that was jammed into the ground next to a tree, the roots had grown on each side of it and we could not free it without tools. We went back yesterday with a hammer and a claw bar and pounded till we were deaf, the recent rains had softened the roots and after a good deal of tugging we got it....albeit a little bent. I am still amazed at the way real Vermonters live. Here it is after 5pm on a sunday night, Tod and I pull into their driveway in the ungainly dumpster, I hop out and go to the front door and can already see all four sisters sitting right there finishing up dinner. One has suffered a stroke and was being fed. Another one I hadn't met before was wearing an eye patch and looked like she could hurl me across the road even though I'm sure she is in her 70's. The other two sisters remembered me from a few months ago and said have at it. No one cared that I just popped in asking for more scrap. In fact I was told to go up the road if I wanted to another barn they had and take whatever I wanted. She asked did I have a torch? No.....(I felt like a wimp all of a sudden). Had I had a torch I guess I was free to dismantle a corn machine. We had come up that road and a cow was in the road and made like it was going to head butt the van, I had no desire to go back that way, there was a devil dog sitting in the yard too just staring at us with icy blue eyes.

All the old timers know each other. Before stopping here we stopped elsewhere, I had mentioned the place to the 'girls' and they all exclaimed, 'Oh Eddie!'. Eddie lived on a side road I pass often when I go to the grocery store, I had my eye on another big round ring I've seen sitting on the side of his ram shackled barn/garage but never stopped because I couldn't fit it in my car. The dumpster was just big enough to hold it so we stopped by. I sat in the van and let Tod do the talking for this stop, you could feel the man energy there and I didn't need to tag along. Sure enough some little rotund man comes walking out in his bare socks, all on mud and nastiness, walked right out to look at it with Tod and said yeah take it. They ended up talking a bit and I finally emerged to chat a bit too. The Vermont men don't tend to look at women as much when there is another male in the picture. He seemed to avoid my eyes and focus on Tod. Fine with me, I'm not doing so well at small talk these days.

I spotted another huge round ring on our drive yesterday, we stopped but no one was around. Timing is everything. Another day. Yesterday was hard, the van wasn't running right on grease (its been converted to run on grease) and this sent Tod over the edge. I sometimes feel I am taking my own life in my hands when we go out in that thing...you feel like you are on some hideous carnival ride tottering on tiny wheels, soon to spiral out of control into the cosmos. That coupled with things being removed, changed and photo ops missed, it felt like long day with only droplets of fun.

I'm still me. Still living in the basement waiting for the summer people to go back to their lives. This week will be even more daunting so I'm going to hope for clouds and go out alone with my camera and tripod and see what I can find. I've all but given up thinking about art and making art. I know it will come around, and if it doesn't it doesn't. Any second could be your last, that's what I am usually aware of, so I need to try to enjoy it all more and relax my useless grip.


Daphne said...

I'm glad you're back. Or are you?

Anyway, I checked in to see if for some strange reason you had written anything. And was pleasantly surprised to see that you had!

Anyway, I am also spurred on by the notion of time and life being fleeting.

Nellie's Needles said...

It's good to see this posting. I've been out of the loop myself for the last month. However, I have checked occasionally as to how you're fairing this summer slump. Glad to hear from you.

self taught artist said...

welcome back nellie :) glad you are home safe and sound
daphne, its your turn to post eh?

Bob Johnson said...

LOL, I'm so glad your back, I laughed so much I got tears in my eyes, dismantle a corn machine. Like your photos, way to go with the tripod.

kate said...

That is a cool pic! I could almost picture what a ride was like in the dumpster. It must be great fun going about finding old stuff - the rings are wonderful. The sisters must be interesting ... and the art will come around. Just give it time. I love the black and white puzzle-piece background, but then I love jigsaw puzzles.

I'm like you - push buttons and learn how something works rather than being a manual reader. Have fun with the tripod!

I've added your blog to my art links...

Clare said...

Hi! I'm really happy you are back!! Your adventures finding things sounds so cool. And what amazing people you meet on the way. I love how you describe it all -- you write so beautifully!! I think I need a tripod too -- it's so hard not to shake. And your photo of the 'breasts' with chains is awesome!! You are totally right about how the art will come around. The timing of the universe has its own rhythm!