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wedding blur

So the tent is lights adorn the monstrous hulk implanted on the soil....tomorrow some people I don't even know are getting married here on the property. I shall flee. See you Monday.


I wonder why I think the above is beautiful. It is just a rusted pipe, discarded and probably sitting at the local scrap yard by now. I've always had a penchant for old, ugly, discarded people and things. No surprise I guess that so far all of my art to date is made from discarded stuff. I realized that I am not tired of making my mixed media photography works, what I was tired of was looking at the same old same old photos I had taken two years ago. This year I've gotten a decent batch of things to work with and I still have time before my fingers turn white from the cold to find a few more places to get good pics of. I think I have also hesitated to take too many pictures because my camera could stand to be replaced and it never feels like I have the right equipment to make the work I want. Somehow I manage to make do or find what I need. I think too that I have made peace with my disruptive summer...hopefully next week everyone leaves for a few months and I have a chance to…
I realized that Mia Farrow, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie are doing great things in the world so I'm going to let my Darfur angst chill out. As another blogger recently wrote: 'I can't fix the world I can only fix myself.' I can't even take care of myself yet so how am I supposed to help a nation?

Meanwhile lots o happenings going on at the house (a wedding is taking place on the property this weekend so the place is abuzz with tree choppers and the gardeners' crew. A tent and catering soon to come) It's only going to get worse as the weekend nears so I doubt I will be around. I'm going to stay at a friends house, also out in the boonies and think I will try to amuse myself with pens, graphite, and paper. Have a nice holiday everyone!

back for more

I finally took the leap and bought a tripod. Huge difference in my ability to get different angles and not worry about it blurring. I still have a learning curve with macro shots vs. normal, my camera is limited in what I can do and I'm not exactly a read and take directions type of learner. I do best when I can just press buttons and see what happens over and over until it makes a connection in my mind.

I was hoping to go back yesterday to all the places I have been this summer to get more pictures but everything had changed. Those big rusty pipe things are gone save for a few, none of which have the cool designs on them. The big tractor was still there, right off the two lane highway up north. I noticed when I looked over my images that this particular photo (top image) looks like two breasts with the chain across and in between the chest . I like it. I could keep going there and taking the same pictures over and over. It's good practice using a tripod on uneven muddy ground.…

still artless and pondering the world

I know the not making art thing happens to everyone. And we all have our reasons, excuses and roadblocks. I claim my primary reason for not being able to make art is because I don't have any alone time. I'm not talking seven hours in a day alone time, I'm talking weeks alone. Concentrated time to get lost in my self and creative process. I had that a lot last year but this year I haven't gotten more than a few days completely alone.

Then there is the other newer reason I think I am not making art and actually that can be broken down into even more reasons. I think if I had a person/place 'out there' that was interested and encouraging me towards something that would help. As it is my relationship with the gallery is one of 'what are you working on now' but only if I go there and make a nuisance of myself. I guess I'm wondering if one of us is supposed to expand that dialogue to a project or idea for the future. Maybe that isn't the place or it is…

drawing a pig personality test

I just did this online draw a pig thing (you draw it with your mouse) Am I an artist or whut? Yes, you can do this too, go here.

art. work. gallery. numb.

Today I went to the gallery to take in another puzzle assemblage to see if it would pass the muster to replace the piece that sold last week. It did. It's up. (its the photo above) I spent time talking to the owner, oddly enough he LIKED this one and said I had been holding out! When I left there were three people standing in front of both puzzle assemblages talking about them. It still feels unreal to me. I did not make those pieces. They aren't mine. Someone alive and vivacious, creative, happy, and unfettered made those works.
Had a talk with tod when I returned home about art, we talk about art every day but some days things click more than others. He came up with me possibly entertaining the thought of doing a series. I could keep making mixed media pieces until the end of time but hearing him say something to the effect of making one body of work that went together and thinking ahead as if making it for a solo show gave my barren insides, gave the tiny villi floating del…

First Friday Art Walk

Yesterday I went to B-town to meet with the manager of tribeca clothing store. I answered an ad in the paper a few months ago for 'seeking artists'. Turns out they are rather new to being part of the First Friday Art Walk that takes place in Burlington. The energy is good there and I'm happy to be a part of it.
She liked my mixed media work, so October will be my month. Its a great place, small, hip, and industrial. The shop is part of all the others that line up on an outdoor brick mall type setting. A place where pedestrians eat, walk, hang out etc. I'm looking forward to seeing my stuff in such a sleek building. It's where I've fantasized my art hanging...on beautifully colored walls mixed with old brick. Ironic it is a clothing store since I'm one of the worst dressed people on the planet. (believe me 'what not to wear people' would probably refuse to deal with me)
It's something different to do. They do the advertising, have the food availab…

what the artist is doing

I recently got this book from the library, I've been on a reading kick the last week or two to try to escape my own lackluster thoughts. I know there are plenty of aspects to this book that I will not ever be able to understand, in fact this is such a meaty piece of literature I can't really begin to explain it. So you can read about it by clicking the picture or getting a wikipedia description.

All I know is this book is resonating at a very high frequency with me right now . Feels like it is gently lifting me up to a full stand again. A summer of what I deem 'setbacks' to my creativity (having the house full of people /noise and constraints/ not making art/ getting depressed and losing confidence etc) seems to have left me cowering. There is a bold person in me, there is a lively soul who laughs and crackles with energy. Someone who knows how to live without fearful thoughts and jumps over setbacks.

I also just read 'Breaking Clean'by Judy Blunt. I remember in…


I received an email today from someone in Australia I believe, and when I tried to respond to it I got an undeliverable mail response alluding to: Reverse DNS is not setup correctly for this host. in reply to RCPT TO command.

So to you I send my reply:

It feels like a little cryptic gift from the universe this email you left me.
thank you


when art sells

When art sells it never feels the way I would imagine it to. There are pieces I have made and fully expected them to sell immediately just based on how incredible I felt about the piece. If they take some time to sell, by the time they do go I feel a sense of relief. I'm wondering if artists are surprised by how they do or don't feel when they sell art. Have you ever sold art and wished you hadn't? Ever felt chagrined at the price it went for? Had a thought of thank god now I can pay to have my car fixed or my teeth cleaned? Just plain happiness and not even because of the $$ but more that you expressed yourself and another human being understood it enough to want it? (I always feel the latter mixed with relief and surprise)

The gallery emailed me today that I had sold one of the puzzle assemblages that is currently there. I felt relief. And then tears slowly sprang from my eyes, pushed out by an emotion that felt something like pain. As if the universe is saying 'see y…

I who lived in Arizona for 20+ years can barely stand this weather in Vermont. Arizona was dry heat and it felt great to sweat, to drive without ac and hike dry dusty mountains.

Its hot and sticky and swampy and stinky here. Dead mice smells emanate from somewhere in the bedroom. No fresh air save for the concrete basement. The basement. Two steps away from our living quarters. The basement where I used to make art. The basement that beckons to me but like a child I want to punish I refuse to go into and give any attention to. I'm hoping that will change soon. Tod is leaving for a handful of days and even though the whole house will be crazy noisy this weekend (I anticipate it due to hearing certain relatives of certain people are coming), I have a fantasy that I will get in there and do something.

I woke up at 3am with visions of art dancing across my eyelids. No escaping it, even if I act like I aint gonna make art I'm relentlessly surrounded by it. I, who do not like r…

thanks, but I'll pass

I've deleted the name to protect the innocent. This is copied exactly as I received it in my email....I find it kind of funny and it makes me want to skip/kick in the air about nixing it this year:

"Also, there has been some confusion regarding the costs associatedwith registering for the ________. Your $35.00 MembershipInvestment provides you also with access to ONE of the following: asite at which to show 1  8 works of art, submission of one piece inthe "Original" Juried Show OR submission of one piece to the OutdoorPublic Art Juried Show. For every additional item beyond this onething, there is an additional $20.00 investment required. Forexample, if you want to show at a site AND have one piece submittedinto the "original" juried show, that would cost $55.00 ($35.00 +$20.00). Similarly, two (2) pieces in the "original" OR outdoorpublic art juried show would cost $55.00. Also, two (2) pieces in the"original" juried art show PLUS exhi…

not a genius

I know to some (and even to myself at times) I might appear to be complaining or just angry. As I look back at my postings the last month I see I am going through some sort of growth and I am in the middle of it so cannot see where it will lead. In the meantime I feel like I am processing and granted not that many people read this stuff or comment, it still feels important for me to write it out.

About a week and some odd days ago there was the annual opening at the gallery. I went and was having a conversation with someone. Said person had seen the commissioned piece I recently finished/sold and commented that I was a genius. I asked what he meant and he said 'well you got someone to buy a rusty old metal shelf for $1,500!' I took it as a compliment in the context of the conversation, but when I take it out of context and think about that sentence it reminds me of the attitude I seem to feel from people who aren't into the art scene. On the one hand that seems like a lot o…