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So yesterday was spent going through all my scrap and baubles and figuring out what isn't worth keeping. I've got a few hundred RR Nails and some scrap that I just know I don't want to be lugging around and if it gives me clarity to get rid of it now then that is what I'm going to do. Thankfully someone on freecycle is taking the RR Nails and other scrap so I don't have to pay the dump or nonchalantly throw them on the tracks.

Some goodness has descended...selling art yesterday and today getting a new piece underway. As you can see, I have primative ways of doing things. I don't have weights or large carpenter clamps so I use RR Plates to weigh down light things that I glue. These are small laminated prints that I will be mounting to my new piece tonight. I have had these two small photographs for over a year and everytime I tried to make a piece with them I came up empty handed. It always blows my mind how things just fall into place suddenly and all of the emotional effort evaporates and morphs into physical manifestation. I decided it is better to have art to lug or store somewhere when I move on than to have a ton of scrap to lug or store.

Tomorrow I go sit all day at the co-op gallery I am in. My friend had her day there and said only 7 or 8 people showed up. I'm not surprised, its really on the fringes geographically, but they do sell and it was a holiday. I am going to bring one of my puzzle sculpture heads to work on so I can be doing something. The first few weeks of gluing these masks is usually a matter of just getting the head bulked up so I can afford to be interrupted by visitors.

We are having a rainy 4th of July, I'm sorry for those who want to enjoy the fireworks, but I rather like it personally. It's cozy and conductive for working on art.


sarala said...

I got the sense that you weren't a 4th of July kind of gal. Sorry about the rain on your parade anyway. Have a great day/holiday or whatever you want to call it.

Shelby said...

you sound motivated in your tone - good - all good!! I can tell you're in a zone.

--creativity zone--

hey-thanks! for inspiring me today - where did you come up with that awesome (new to me) word "weltschmerz" [did I spell it right this time?]

I loved writing that little ditty today.

take care :) wishing you the best rest of the afternoon/evening holiday!

Helena said...

Long time no see! I have FINALLY updated my blog. Horray!!
It's had an overhaul too.

Please pop by to check it when you get a minute, check it's still ok to have a link to you there!

WOW I love your jigsaw puzzle background. Wish I'd thought of that!

Helena :^)

self taught artist said...

sarala, you know we well :)
shelby, I remember reading that word..possibly in a somerset maugham book years and years ago. I'll never forget that word as it resonated with my odd german/swede veins.
helena, checked you out, good to see you have done a blog make-over...thanks for the puzzle background compliments and the link!