Recent Works & Temporary End of Happiness

Boxcar Diptych,2007

center close up

It's satisfying when a piece comes together. This is the piece I recently mentioned I was working on and had been trying for over a year to get right. I had completed it last year but my idea superseded the mechanical abilities and it was doomed. Whenever I was unsure of what to work on I would always pick these two pictures up and place them with different baubles onto different backgrounds. Seemed I would never find anything. Simple and primitive. Strong and beautiful. (at least that's how I think/feel when I look at it) Finally completed!

I wrote that yesterday, on the tail end of happy. It's starting. The people are here, been here a few days and the constant thudding and vibration of children jumping and compulsively walking back and forth over my head are starting to wear me down. Last night was the night of no sleep. Once that starts I slip fast. The kitchen and sun room (all hardwood floors) are just above our heads and there is no escape. Just when I get to sleep they start.....someone gets up at 6 am with dogs and it doesn't stop until 9 am and continues sporadically all day. I can't think and feel foggy. My face is already looking puffy. Damn.


Nellie's Needles said...

Communal living can be a bitch. Mine is with people I like, but it's such a relief when they leave. The few days between the cottage being full again are precious.

Daphne said...

I love this piece. It is so beautiful and simple. Of course art often looks simple after a large amount of work, doesn't it.

Sorry about the PEOPLE. Time for ear plugs?

self taught artist said...

ear plugs are like a soup can lid for armor against a bullet :-O
thanks for the compliments!

Tori said...

I have to sleep with earplugs in with apartment living. It sucks when others influence your space.
Hang in there and keep sharing the VT photos.