pics of the day

I got yanked out into the world today by my roommate. He knows I am in flux ~ in between art making and totally lost so he continued his brave teaching of my driving his old VW bus (I've never driven a stick in my life) and then later gleefully drove me on roads neither of us had ever been on and also to get a little hiking in. I got a chance to take some pictures, none of which have been edited yet and I'm happy to have a handful that interest me for some more mixed media pieces. Even got some cool super fat super big nuts and bolts plus some scrap for a possible lamp to make (his project but I hope to help)
I feel enervated. I have been DEAD since making my last piece. Feeling the dread of the summer since very soon the house will be once again completely occupied and my freedom more limited. Always a tricky thing to be so blessed to live where I do and not have to worry about rent but also not getting paid to care take since our duties aren't really a full time job and never sure when or if they will sell and we will be out on our butts. So, today was good and maybe I will have fodder for more artwork soon. I realize more and more I am not a machine. I can't, nor do I want to pump out art for the sake of making art. I really have to feel it tug and pull at me. Every time I make something it is completely reinvented and believe it or not, it takes a lot of time and energy to get into that zone. There is a rhythm that I have yet to discern in my making and marinating of art.

These pictures are just for fun:


Shelby said...

I tagged you! :)

hope you don't mind.. come see..

Daphne said...

You just wrote what I have been meaning to express about creating when you're ready and not just because you should. I haven't painted in a month. I haven't quite had the itch, although I feel a creative spell coming on. I think that we're lucky to work at something that comes from the gut. Can you imagine pushing paper at this point?

By the way the photos you took are of the same things that I would have photographed. Funny...

Tori said...

Awesome finds!

I was incredibly touched by the post that you wrote that mentioned my writing and blog.
It brought a huge smile to my face and joy in my heart. I read it outloud to my husband.

Thank you for inspiring me with your courage.

self taught artist said...

shelby, dont hate me but i already did that meme awhile back...I might need to bow out :(
Daphne, thanks for reminding me of that...I see it as terminal if I'm not 'creating' and its hard to wait for that itch. cool to know you like scrap and rust too :)
tori...I emailed you. thanks for the comment :)

sarala said...

Great photos. I think they will turn into wonderful mixed media.
Gotta go to work in a minute. Have a great day!

BlueJude said...

Love em all! Especially the top one!

Clare said...

"making and marinating of art" -- this is very cool and a wonderful way of expressing the creative process. Your photos are really nice, too. I love dirt, rust, and peeling paint -- terrific textures.