Next batch sold

This is the next batch of clocks I recently sold thanks to the blogworld! I finally found a welder who doesn't insist on me having large quantities of RR Plates to weld in order to get a 'deal'. He is more of an artist himself and did the work on the commissioned bicycle piece I finished last month; he does excellent work so I'm hoping soon I can work on a few more limited edition clocks. I have fifty eight more to go...something fun to do that doesn't entail too much noise so as not to disturb the house visitors with noisy hand tools. That and gluing puzzle pieces will keep me sane.


KJ said...

Hey, Paula! I'm totally delighted with my clock... the hard part will be deciding on the best display space to show it off... the fact that it will also serve as a time piece is totally secondary. I thought it was broken at first because there was no loud ticking like another battery clock I know... but it's just doing it's job without all the annoying fuss. I love the look, the heft and the fact that it's unique. I expect many compliments! KJ

self taught artist said...