I went back for more

Here are some shots of the 'thing' from a distance and one more close up.


KJ said...

These are great pics... such a resource for something or other. Do you know the work and blog of Deporah Fisher? http://deborahfisher.blogspot.com/
As a NYC sculptor, she is working hard to pretty much do what the collectors of these tires have already done!

self taught artist said...

I have seen her blog but not lately, I can see the correlation, thanks for sharing the link! When I come upon stuff already made by 'accident/man' I already think it art. done. no need to do anything but get the picture of it. Glad I'm not the one trying to replicate something from scratch!

Steve Ames said...

Hi Paula,
These are shock absorbers for blasting. They get laid around and over the rock that's being blown up so that it doesn't shoot all over the place and make more of deadly mess than it is already.

self taught artist said...

Steve: fantastic! I'm impressed you knew that. thanks for cluing me in.

KJ said...

Such a treat to see an object taken out of it's usual context and, by virtue of rhythm and repetition in this case, made into something totally different, even 'art worthy.' Steve's input brings it back to functionality which is interesting but there is mystery and magic in being unaware. Good to know there is a practical use besides just being cleverly constructed. A great find!

Shelby said...

awesome photos!

I'm still (even more so) enamored with my new clock of your own design!!

To everyone reading this - I am the newest and proudest owner of Paula's Birch Whorl clock!

It is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so excited to have it as my very own! I've shown it off to everyone around here.. when I decide where the perfect place for it is- I shall take a photo and send it to you..

Take care!! Now - go design some more... :)

sarala said...

I would never have guessed what that thing was without the comment above. It looks like a giant skin shed by some animated tire snake.

Clare said...

These pictures are really cool, including the ones in the post below. That thing looks very science-fictionish (is that a real word?).