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Scrap Amoeba


This is the next to last batch of the pictures I thought interesting from last Sunday's shoot. The top one my roommate spotted, the lighting wasn't great and I am challenged with my camera to take good shots of round bulbous things plus the tripod broke so it's all handheld. Again, these are unedited and mostly for my own enjoyment. The second one is another one of those round rusty pipe things that I have posted recently. I love these things and keep looking for them in vacant lots ~ sure enough near that salt shed was a pile of them. The last picture is really simple: two by fours on a building. I like the close up shots because it becomes a world unto its own and I easily get lost looking in. I'm not one to get the big picture in life and I think there is a correlation with how I get on in the world and the art I create. I have had to force myself to take pictures like the one below of the tractor so you guys get a chance to see what the subject is. This last picture is a close up of one of the doors on the metal building (see posts below). I got maybe one more batch for you tomorrow. I've enjoyed posting these and getting your reactions. My personal favorite is the slanted wood photo of the salt shed (also a few posts below). For some reason it reminds me of soft, beautiful animal hide. I'm gonna have to go back and take more pictures and try to get better lighting. It was inside of the shed and uneven lighting. Hopefully that old man in the car with the crazy music wont be there if I brave going alone.


KJ said...

You sure do find some good stuff with your camera! Like you, I long ago found that the close ups were much more interesting than the wide shots. Should probably make a blog subject out of it because it's really a different way to look at subject matter.

Waltraud said...

Your pictures are great!