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driving time

I've grabbed my Discover Card and done some drives in Vermont lately. Last week I went up to the central/northern part of VT, butted right up against the Quebec border. Quite beautiful, you can tell you are somewhere special. I thought I might get some real photos taken but I tend to just keep driving, not wanting to stop until my bladder forces me to. Its when I can think and appreciate life most...just driving with no plan and no purpose.

A few days ago I drove 330 mi. in one sitting. Went south along the NY border to Bennington and scooted over a scenic route and back up via RT 100 which I am convinced is the most magical road this side of the Mississippi. (Snake River in Idaho is a close second as far as gorgeous drives). I thought I would check out some of the towns in southern VT, wondering if they had galleries I might take a look at getting into. Yes, even though I don't wanna I automatically think that way still; I was relieved in an odd way not to see anything that b…
Lest I bore everyone with too many furrowed brow posts, here is another photo from the photo shoot I took a few weeks ago. This is a pencil sharpener box as seen through a window. It took me many shots and inspections before I realized what I had taken a pic. of. I see the little black pencil sharpener image on the box now, it still looks like a penguin nun to me though.

artists and galleries and insight

Artists lives. I am always reminded in such unexpected ways how little I ever knew about an artists' life until I became one myself. I know more now than I did but each artist it seems does things a little bit differently. The two things I've noticed about the artists I've known is this: they either want to be in galleries or they don't.

The ones who want to be in galleries who aren't, seem afraid of the whole thing. They talk about it but never make any real attempt at it. They make one call but don't follow through. There isn't much assertiveness. They might avoid the whole art scene altogether and claim contentedness and an almost buddistaire of being satisfied that they make art for the sake of making art. Period. Or, they slave away at little farmer markets/fairs and wonder why they aren't being 'found'.

Then there are the gallery artists. Keep in mind I have only been in one gallery for any extended time (I have had work in other places shor…
Funny thing being an artist. Not having any road map or real idea the path that I am on I find myself constantly fighting with myself whenever I am not making art or knowing what to do next in regards to showing it.

I have been in a vile mood. Few people know it or see it, in fact everyone who I happen to have contact with seem to think I am just dandy. I look healthy. I laugh. I smile. I am not self absorbed and am quite capable of having normal conversations. I find myself feeling like a fake. I have dealt with depression my whole life and never used to hide it; I bared my soul. Now when I get hit I seem to have this ability to smile while inside I'm screaming. No one cares after awhile; I don't even care honestly. But it is a bump in the road and things feel like they have come to a complete STOP. Just a few weeks ago I sold six clocks....just a few months ago I was in a three person show at the gallery I am in. All in all it has been a better year and I have doubled my sale…


This is my 3rd summer here at this house. My 3rd year making art. The first summer was extremely trying for me, I was in a relationship with my roommate, I was just coming into my own with understanding my camera/getting the prints to match what I saw on my computer and what the camera store was printing; I was just beginning to collect scrap even though I had no idea for what I would do with it; and I was living in a house that for the summer was filled with people.

Things with my roommate, then boyfriend, weren't really working out so great; it was really noisy here and I had begun staying up all night working on art and then trying to sleep in the day in between quiet spots. (this was before I started needing power tools) I was looking for other alternatives and found a place via the web in Alabama that was an artists retreat of sorts. I had signed up to do two big art events in the late summer and decided to go through with them and then drive down there to meet the woman in Al…

thoughts/questions re: artist's statement

I can distinctly remember in Jan 06 when I first took work to hang in the gallery that much was made about having an artist's statement. I of course had an attitude, you tell me to go left and I will go right even if it is out of my way. Even if I know that I am being obstinate....I struggle with being told what to do and the artist statement proved to be difficult. I have heard many artists have a similar loathing, even well established artists. I don't have the original statement, they kept it up for about six months ~ it was the typical grouchy 'my art doesn't mean anything it just is blah blah blah'. When I started to sell some work there I was asked to write yet another artist statement. This is what I wrote and they seemed happy with:

Passion. Searching. A deep itch in my being
that can only be relieved by creating art.
The materials I choose beckon me long
before I know how I will use them. In
retrospect it makes sense why I chose the
various pieces of scrap and f…

A few more

Painters Photo

Scrap Amoeba


This is the next to last batch of the pictures I thought interesting from last Sunday's shoot. The top one my roommate spotted, the lighting wasn't great and I am challenged with my camera to take good shots of round bulbous things plus the tripod broke so it's all handheld. Again, these are unedited and mostly for my own enjoyment. The second one is another one of those round rusty pipe things that I have posted recently. I love these things and keep looking for them in vacant lots ~ sure enough near that salt shed was a pile of them. The last picture is really simple: two by fours on a building. I like the close up shots because it becomes a world unto its own and I easily get lost looking in. I'm not one to get the big picture in life and I think there is a correlation with how I get on in the world and the art I create. I have had to force myself to take pictures like the one below of the tractor so you guys get a chance to see wha…

Next batch sold

This is the next batch of clocks I recently sold thanks to the blogworld! I finally found a welder who doesn't insist on me having large quantities of RR Plates to weld in order to get a 'deal'. He is more of an artist himself and did the work on the commissioned bicycle piece I finished last month; he does excellent work so I'm hoping soon I can work on a few more limited edition clocks. I have fifty eight more to go...something fun to do that doesn't entail too much noise so as not to disturb the house visitors with noisy hand tools. That and gluing puzzle pieces will keep me sane.


This is a wall I spotted behind an industrial building. This was like a back shed area and made out of wood. I love how this looks like strange microscopic beings or peacock feathers minus their brilliant color.
I've loved the feedback on the photography I've posted this week, it has got me wondering though, who buys photography like this as a stand alone picture? Feels fun to post these and just enjoy them but then the business brain tries to figure out what to do with it. I know some of these are going to be great mixed media assemblages but I have yet to sell many stand alone prints. Seems the photography market is pretty over saturated and unless you find a niche for yourself like Daniel Sroka what do you do with photography? All I know is right now I feel addicted to it and I'm gonna try to get out there and take more. My roommate has lots of taxi driving to do this week, so I'm on my own. Rain, mud and creepiness are mine to conquer.

sexy and beautiful

The Industrial Beast

Salt Shed

More images from the salt shed.

Recent Works & Temporary End of Happiness

Boxcar Diptych,2007

center close up

It's satisfying when a piece comes together. This is the piece I recently mentioned I was working on and had been trying for over a year to get right. I had completed it last year but my idea superseded the mechanical abilities and it was doomed. Whenever I was unsure of what to work on I would always pick these two pictures up and place them with different baubles onto different backgrounds. Seemed I would never find anything. Simple and primitive. Strong and beautiful. (at least that's how I think/feel when I look at it) Finally completed!

I wrote that yesterday, on the tail end of happy. It's starting. The people are here, been here a few days and the constant thudding and vibration of children jumping and compulsively walking back and forth over my head are starting to wear me down. Last night was the night of no sleep. Once that starts I slip fast. The kitchen and sun room (all hardwood floors) are just above our heads and there is n…

Vermont, Inspiration, Art

Tattered Flag

Inside of a salt shed

Metal Building

close up window of building

Tractor Paraphernalia (another reason I don't paint, this is what I would paint if I could and here it is, all stretched out on the road for me to shoot a picture)
Yesterday the roommate and I stared the clouds and rain down and went out in the VW bus to explore more of Vermont. We went up north a bit, took dirt roads and state routes in search of interesting picture possibilities. I took a record 147 pictures, that's a first for me. Got at least ten that are what I deem printable and usable for my mixed media pieces. Some of them thrill me even if I wont use them for my art. The first one of the tattered flag is one I wont use because the lighting sucked and it was under a ledge with a big mean dog parked on the porch (tied up) nearby. It was the sort of property you expect any minute a scroungy scary dude is going to emerge with a gun going off aimed in your direction.

The salt shed we found behind a m…

saturday snapshot

Twirly Farm Machinery

day at the co-op

I feel a slight embarrassment to show the pictures of my day sitting at the gallery. It's really a tiny hole in the wall and when I think of my work in the stellar gallery I am in and compare the two I wonder what was I thinking? I guess I feel, as one artist pointed out in a more eloquent way than I am going to, I have to pay my dues. It is experience. It is more doing of something that I don't believe is going to really behoove me but until I know what else to do I feel like what the hell.
It was a very long day. I sat at a little table and looked out through the screen door all day. From 11-5. About 5 people came in total. In and out. One NY couple came in and specifically wanted a 'cheap' watercolor and went on about how expensive it is in Stowe and someone steered them here. Hemming and hawing all for naught. Thank god I brought my new puzzle sculpture to work on. Yes, I glued puzzle pieces non stop the entire time. A head has yet to form, it is in 'large loll…

works in process

So yesterday was spent going through all my scrap and baubles and figuring out what isn't worth keeping. I've got a few hundred RR Nails and some scrap that I just know I don't want to be lugging around and if it gives me clarity to get rid of it now then that is what I'm going to do. Thankfully someone on freecycle is taking the RR Nails and other scrap so I don't have to pay the dump or nonchalantly throw them on the tracks.

Some goodness has descended...selling art yesterday and today getting a new piece underway. As you can see, I have primative ways of doing things. I don't have weights or large carpenter clamps so I use RR Plates to weigh down light things that I glue. These are small laminated prints that I will be mounting to my new piece tonight. I have had these two small photographs for over a year and everytime I tried to make a piece with them I came up empty handed. It always blows my mind how things just fall into place suddenly and all of the em…

now is the time to buy

Oh faithful blog readers, now is the time to buy art! I have a feeling I am going to have to move soon (details when I know more) and I need to lighten the load. And if I am wrong, I still need to lighten the load. If you see anything that speaks to you now is the time to contact me and let me know. I am open to offers. Links to specific genres of works are on the sidebar----> , or go to my website and start from there. Changes are coming....

*I have to say I am completely shocked that I have sold three pieces of art today from you blog readers. The best part of all is that you all have said you have wanted to buy something for some time now and you figured this is the time to do it. I just have to express how humbled I am and thank you for your support and good words. thank you, you know who you are!

pics of the day

I got yanked out into the world today by my roommate. He knows I am in flux ~ in between art making and totally lost so he continued his brave teaching of my driving his old VW bus (I've never driven a stick in my life) and then later gleefully drove me on roads neither of us had ever been on and also to get a little hiking in. I got a chance to take some pictures, none of which have been edited yet and I'm happy to have a handful that interest me for some more mixed media pieces. Even got some cool super fat super big nuts and bolts plus some scrap for a possible lamp to make (his project but I hope to help)
I feel enervated. I have been DEAD since making my last piece. Feeling the dread of the summer since very soon the house will be once again completely occupied and my freedom more limited. Always a tricky thing to be so blessed to live where I do and not have to worry about rent but also not getting paid to care take since our duties aren't really a full time job and n…

I went back for more

Here are some shots of the 'thing' from a distance and one more close up.