Sunday Scribblings: #64 Eccentricity

#64 - Eccentricity

a) admit any eccentricities you may have, or wish you had, or any you might choose to cultivate;

I don't think I have any of course, but some would say otherwise.

b) write about eccentric people you know or have heard or read about;

ah, this one would be impossible, everyone I know is strange.

or, the most fun:

c) devise a bunch of eccentricities for yourself, for fun -- either for your old age, or now. Imagine you've inherited a mansion and a fortune, and now it's your job to become an eccentric. You know, like having a pet pot-bellied pig that goes with you everywhere, and always wearing jodhpurs and riding boots (I had a boss that did that, though he owned a restaurant and didn't ride horses; he looked like a male Yoko Ono in riding attire).

I would have an artists commune in the desert/mountains. It would be a wood and steel home with several rooms. Each room would be set up with its own stereo, high speed computer, and art supplies for a given medium. One large 'garage' structure for machinery, scrap, dirty work (welding etc) Most if not all of these rooms would be mine with different art projects going in each. A few would be for other artists who are visiting. (I am guessing I would have four or five rooms for myself and two for other people). I would have a raku area and kiln set up as well.

There would be a large round kitchen in the middle with a sky roof, perhaps the entire home would be elevated but the kitchen would be at the highest spot. Actually forget the sky roof, I would have the entire kitchen made out of glass/windows so I could see for miles in the desert mountains. There would be a deck for outdoor tea and meals.

Ideally I would have one room that is for sleeping; one office; one main bathroom and the other art rooms/kitchen each with their own sink/toilet. The bedroom would have the ability to be totally dark and sound proof save for open windows. (when workers are helping with art projects I would not hear them if I took a nap). One large bed, no box springs and headboard but raised slightly via a steel or wood slab; great sheets/pillows and night lamp for reading. Some plants and storage for clothing (out of site). I would want weekly massages so the room would need to be large enough to set up a table but not any larger than necessary.

I would wear the same clothes all the time (they would be clean, but I just would never have to deal with style). The majority of my clothes, as in real life, are all 'shit clothes' that I wear. All previously owned. I would never buy new clothes and just as Hugh Hefner can walk around in his pj's and be accepted into the finest of establishments, I too would be accepted anywhere in my strange garb.

One 'fun' room, nothing large or eccentric, but where I could think/read/relax.

The bathroom would have a huge sunken tub with jacuzzi next to windows. There would be no shower, that would be outdoors, a concrete structure that is its own area and I could jump in there after a long hike or doing things outdoors when its hot.

The kitchen would have state of the art appliances, all industrial with metallic tiles/granite/steel. I would have a chef 3 days a week to prepare just a late midday meal and finger food for a few days in advance. I would also have built a nearby store that sells high quality farm raised animals so I could eat lamb, exotic meats, freshly made cheeses and eggs. They would also tend to my own personal herb garden on the property. I would, of course, just eat off of the same one glass plate, bowl and glass that I use in my current 'real' life.

I would have guest pods for artists or writers that are staying to work on their own or with me. The pods would be away from the main building.

The whole house would be more of an art studio than anything. I would have little to no personal belongings. Only the bare necessity of furniture. No shelves, no stupid nick knacks and all the crap that collects dust. No carpeting, only some beautiful rugs (nothing grotesque or expensive). Minimal, simple. Clean.

I would somehow have managed to find a dog that is unlike any other dog. He will be a large animal with short, soft hair. He will not leave dirt or hair in the house and will love to hike with me. He will be the sort of animal that doesn't make me more neurotic than I am...in other words, he won't constantly follow me and wait to see what I am doing or where I go. He will spend time alone out in the wild but join me often. He will love to wrestle and cuddle but be perfectly content when I am working to busy himself.

I will have one small hybrid car that gets me where I need to go with minimal energy usage (I'm not ecological per se but I loathe spending money on gas and being dependent on a resource that this world managed to get so obsessed and out of control with) I would also have one large truck or van that would cart my work and carry large supplies in.

I would have my roommate living right next door. We would be connected via a tunnel (though not an underground tunnel). We would have intercoms and video screen to be able to talk. We would spend days and days together looking for more scrap and he would be my assistant, helping me find the people I need to accomplish this and that.

I would be living away from towns and cities, but not so far that it took forever to get supplies. Five miles away from my home I would want a shop that is my gallery. I would have wine tasting and appetizers with the occasional surprise meals that I prepare when I have the time and urge (a few times a week). People would sit, be wined and dined while looking at art. A few days a week the gallery would be open and my roommate would run it while having access to his work online in a comfortable setting within.

My days would be spent learning things, making art, creating designs (even homes or buildings that although I am not an architect, someone would work with me and be able to make it after I have drawn it out), hiking, camping and spending quality time (in limited quantities) with other people. I would like to be a wise caring woman who never stops learning from others and can have a life filled with sharing and helping. I would be able to take time from art to go out there, and like a Hollywood talent scout, when I see someone that has 'it', I would be able to spend time with them and help them in any way I could. I would want to live in such a way that at certain times I am always being mentored and interchange that with being a mentor. The perfect balance of complete solitude for months on end mixed with interaction from new people and great friends.

Oh! And once every few years I would rent an RV and just travel with my camera and dog. My room mate would meet me here and there and travel with me at times as well.

*gee, so far the two comments both say none of this sounds eccentric. I guess that tells you how bland my normal life is if I think this is over the top. Or worse yet, maybe it shows how little I feel I will ever get in life. God.


DJPare said...

I have to say that most of the descriptions don't sound eccentric - they just sound great!
I really like the tunnel to the roommate's place!

sarala said...

There are only a few parts of this that sound even slightly eccentric. But it is a great fantasy. I hope you find a wealthy patron or win the lottery. Or become a famous artist who gets thousands for each piece so you can realize your dream. Except the fame may not suit your need for solitude, so you decide.
I like the puzzle theme on the blog. It makes me itch to take out the "straight pieces" and assemble them.

CMC said...

not eccentric at all.....just a written down version of a fantasy I didn't even know I had.

We never see ourselves as eccentric...only others can do that.

Shelby said...

I love it.

Just Expressing Myself said...

Wow! I hope you get that place up and running because I want to be first on the guest list.
It sounds fabulous.
LIke cmc said it's a fantasy I didn't even know I had!
Take care,