so whats next

I always feel a little lost after I finish a piece, not unique I am sure. Recently I've been drawn to these bands I keep finding. I've been collecting them for the last 2 years and now I have two large bucket fulls of them and this large snake pile on the floor. They are varied in color, size and age. I have brand new ones that are black, brown and then old rusty ones that are super thin and others that are 1.5" wide. I saw in an art magazine a piece by Ted Larsen called 'Nest' and drooled over it. I had never heard of him and when I saw his work I felt like I finally found an artist that works in mediums I totally 'get'. So, I'm in flux, wanting to begin another project and uncertain of what that will be. I hope to make enough work this summer to get my ass in NY again next year. I need to find an 'in'. I will flounder in Vermont and I live so close I really have no excuse not to try.

Then there is the Puzzle Dude that needs to be anchored. I've never used cement, let alone anchoring stuff so that is my next learning curve to climb. I rather like the box, it looks like something from the 60's doesn't it? Hope this stuff works the way I want it to. My puzzle sculpture is more a prototype for future pieces but I always hope and expect the first one turns out perfect. I imagine making a slew of these free standing puzzle head things.

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