The Piece

Barring needing the bicycle chain welded to make it stiff and mountable, I am now 85% done with the commissioned piece. I've been looking at the photos I took of the possible ways this could go and it surprises me that I actually came up with what I did. I'm really feeling satisfied and even excited about it. I can't imagine my client not liking it, and that's saying a lot for me oh doubter that I am.

This is the 2nd piece I have ever been asked to make for someone. The first piece was a year ago last Christmas and it was a RR Plate to hang outside for a newly purchased home for my friend back in Arizona (see photo). It was a breeze in comparison, partly because she sent me the exterior paint that was used on the house and I was able to incorporate that into the piece; also it was only 6" x 10". Curiously, it too has Chinese Symbols on it.

The metal smith is out of town until next week and unless I can use someone else on short notice, or can figure out a nut and bolt way to affix the chain, the piece will be on hold until next week. In the meantime I can finish up the other stuff. I don't think I am going to name it anything. It feels nameless. I wonder if artists ever make work for people and do that? Sometimes a name seems rather silly, it is what it is. They can call it whatever they want ~ unless of course they don't want it, and then I can call it something reflective of the then perceived debacle.


sarala said...

The Chinese piece is one of my favorites of yours. What does it say?
Glad you are near done on the commission. I know it gave you some bad moments.

self taught artist said...

It is the Chinese Symbol for 'Peace' ~ thanks for the feedback and whoo hoo you are back!!