life might change

Well I didn't kill or maim anyone on my test drive in the big van last night, passed my taxi test drive.

I have to say, this is the first time I have ever applied for a job and didn't give a hoot if i got it. While driving he said, 'so, you must be excited to get started eh?'. Silence. I was thinking. Excited? So I said, 'excited? ....about driving a cab?' 'Yes!' he said with hope. ....a non enthuised 'yeah. it will be good to make money and get out of the basement' is all I could think to say.

Excited. Excited to hear and make small talk about weather. Thats the first thing both dispatchers talked about when I was in the office waiting for the boss to show up. Thats the first thing he talked about when we got in the van. God help me I cannot stand banal discourse. I can't. I'm thinking about trying to stay alive emotionally, physically, and financially half the time and I don't care about the weather.

I can't stand hearing the phone ring. My roomate uses his own phone and they call several times a day for him. Now I have my phone number plugged in....I will have to listen to it, answer it, be ready to drop everything and go drive someone somewhere. Not sure I have it in me to sit in the office and wait for work while listening to the tv blarring idiotic news all day. You only get paid for an actual ride. No hourly wage. If tips are based on congeniality I'm screwed.

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