how to get happy

Quit a job that makes you squirm.

To some, I would look like a quitter. If that were true, I wouldn't have all the art made that I have. I realized this morning that the burden of going in to work supersedes the financial one at this time. I don't need much to live on and by god I'm just going to keep plowing through a bit longer. To the taxi co.'s credit, they said come on back in if I ever change my mind. I found that gracious and unbelievable ( exclaimed really? and they said yes). I just can't bring myself to abandon my art just yet. And for me, it would mean abandoning my art because I know myself well enough to know I cannot be distracted anymore than I already am in order to create.

When I mentioned to the gallery that I might need to get a job soon he told me I should try to get a job that didn't take too much out of me because I was reaching a good flow with my art and now is the time to push harder. I'm gonna push harder. I know that by saying no to a job doesn't let me off the hook to work hard. In fact, I have to work as hard if not more so regardless of no paycheck. I just have to believe that if I take NO pleasure whatsoever in something that by letting it go I am not losing the only opportunity I will ever have. There is still the teaching possibility a few days a week for the River Arts. That appeals to me because at least it has to do with art and I know the day or two and time I would be needed.


Clare said...

Hi! You make total sense about leaving the job that makes you unhappy and takes away from your time to create. You most definitely do not sound like a 'quitter.' Quitting a job is not the same as being a quitter. Don't even worry about that. Your art is incredible and deserves as much time as you can give it because of your phenomenal talent.

Tori said...

I applaud you for following your heart and your dreams. The universe opens up to you when you proceed with passion and YOU are doing this. I am inspired by you!

sarala said...

Go girl, feel proud to be a quitter! Sometimes you need to quit when you are ahead. I've quit two hopeless jobs and am much happier for it but also feel like I can tough things out when it is required.
Art rules.