dizzy day

So I did go in to the cab joint and submit my lic. for scrutiny. Got jittery in there of course and was asked if I knew the area in general. No. Did I know where such and such inn/resort was...uh...somewhere up there (pointing to the mountain). God get me out of here.

Today was my meeting with a design gallery owner. Finally a person who 'gets it' about selling unique art and furniture all in one place. I need to go back there because I didn't have my brain completely secured today and didn't bring enough of the paraphernalia, clock batteries and some labels....so when I go back I'm going to hopefully take a picture of her place. I like it, its smallish and not intimidating; not cheap not stuffy. Eclectic, most importantly it changes often product wise and the energy there feels in abundance.

A dynamic woman that I felt safe with. She loved my clocks and took seven RR Clocks, a Bauble Clock and a mixed media photography piece. Extremely generous in my mind since it isn't an 'art gallery' and she doesn't like to stuff every ounce of space with something just to have space filled. I actually spent an hour and a half there yammering with her. It feels like a possible link to the outside world this place. Appears the July 4th crowd will be when things get moving so I'll just cross fingers on this one.

Funny, on the way home I found myself behind the cab that my roommate was driving. He didn't see me behind him...I could see him yacking away with the passengers and I just felt a wave of sourness trying to imagine ME being the driver and having to answer repetitive questions from visitors. 'What do you do besides drive a cab". I make art. 'Oh? What kind?"
Oh god, don't make me explain this again. "so, how long you live here?" "where you from originally?" you get the picture. And I'd just be obsessing where the next bathroom is.


Shelby said...

Glad to hear of the fun place that took some of your pieces - hopefully that will pay off really soon.

how is the commissioned piece coming along?

Self Taught Artist said...

the piece is still in layout stage...one day i like it on one piece of scrap and the next day i move it and change it to another. slow going. thx for asking!

Princess Banter said...

Yeah I know what you mean. I get tired of repetitive "protocol" small talk questions too. It makes me wish that God was more generous when he gave out creativity and originality to people...