blog cleanse

Last night I deleted about half of all of my posts. I was in one of my purge moods and could have easily deleted everything, even the blog. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that. There is something smothering about keeping too much around, be it words or physical possessions. Personally I find getting rid of things to be extremely cathartic. I suppose it could be seen as a waste of time.....the constant begetting and doing all to have it erased or tossed.

I had an epiphany too about using the internet to sell art, so I have lots of work to do to get that going. That will all get posted here soon as I get details sorted out. My biggest problem or challenge if you will when it comes to getting anything done is the knowledge base. I know a little about a lot. I know just enough of something to get a concept going but all those details that splay out like tentacles start to bog me down. All ya can do is keep going.

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Shelby said...

been there done that..

happy Sunday and cheers!