Art Collectors

My roommate fwded me this link. If you want to read some fantastic quotes from art collectors click here. It did my soul good to read, especially after my post about making art and more STUFF. My heart knows that people really derive more goodness from art than I can even imagine but the head likes to bog me down.

Now the question is, HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET THESE COLLECTORS TO FIND YOU?????? So far the art collectors who have purchased my work did so from the Gallery I am in; I wasn't there and haven't been introduced to them or asked to show more of my work.


Walker said...

I dont' know I found your blog this morning, but I'm glad I did.

I was looking at your post about how you wish you were a painter, then about how your mixed media pieces are constructed. I love them! And they certainly belong in some rich collector's --uhh-- collection! I know where those collectors are - they are at Art Basel in Miami. Check it out. I went last year and couldn't believe how many people were fighting to BUY ART. It was fantastic. Go there and hand out brochures to everyone you see.

self taught artist said...

ahh, I checked it out and looks great even though you need to already be with a gallery to get in. are you saying to go there anyway and hand out brochures?

thanks for your feedback :)