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I had a mishap. This was the largest scrap band that I found the other day and I was trying to roll it around the house to get it in our basement apartment to then roll it into the basement, aka my 'studio'. The other bands were lighter and smaller so I could walk them down the backdoor basement staircase.

This baby was too heavy and cumbersome so I rolled it around and came to this little hill. My roomate walked out and asked if I needed help and to prove I didn't I gave it a shove to roll it down the hill. I assumed it would crash on its side. It didn't. I watched in horror as it bobbed and popped its way merrily all the way to the pond. My roomate started yelling for me to get it so I ran (in flip flops) and got close but gave up. I just stood there screaming. It rolled with a final bounce into the air, straight to the bottom of the pond.

Had it been left to me I would have left it there...thats how much I hate ponds and think them vile, dirty and creepy bogs of terrible unknown woes. I owe my friend big time...the water was ice cold on a windy day. The pond isn't that deep but there is a good incline from the land, the first attempt I videotaped but had the camera vertical and haven't any way to edit that with free software. So you get the final installment of the attempt This is what life is like in my world...no kidding, there are always bizarre fiascos to contend with. Its like living in our own experimental bubble.


Paula said...

You goofball ! This is just too funny.

Tori said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

They're both real beauts ... the ring and your friend. Thanks for beginning my day with your delightful tale of woe.

Shelby said...

Laughing! That so sounds like something that would happen to me. I love how you mapped out the path of mayhem on the photo.. I can picture it happening. I probably would have stood there and said, 'well that's that.'

Misplaced said...

That was funny as can be. It looked like your friend was assisting in the pond's birth of the ring. I particularly like the diagram-

What was the name of that art book you recommended, or was recommended to you (?). I have an artists friend whose birthday is coming up and I couldn't locate it.

Misplaced said...

Wait a minute, I guess all I have to do is go to the section that says Book Recommendations and the answer "Art and Fear" would be given to me.

This may explain why my company gets sued so much.

Self Taught Artist said...

misplaced, the book is Art & Fear, thats so cool to give to an artist!

yeah, it does look like some sort of birthing ceremony ~

I just saw your other comment, glad my sidebar isn't superfluous.

Fav said...
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