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Sunday Scribblings: #60 Masks

While my puzzle assemblages are not something one can wear, I think of them, and have called them masks because of the energy within them. They are mysterious and the most coveted of my assemblages, just last night at the gallery opening I was trying to explain to someone why my mask, 'The Mystic' is so powerful and even cherished. The reasoning? I was a massage therapist full time for 17 years + 3 more years part time, and in those years my hands have literally felt thousands and thousands of faces. I often did massages in near complete darkness...with my eyes closed, that and the silence and energy passing from client to therapist (me) was often palatable.

Every puzzle mask I have made has felt like a living being that I have given reiki energy to. My hands rest on them, cupping the cheeks, passing over the forehead. I often turn the piece upside down and instantly feel I am working on a client. My fingers holding some of the puzzle pieces for minutes at a time when placed in strategic areas that need to 'set' completely before I let go or else they totter off into my lap or the floor. When I am at an impasse, afraid or unsure of the direction and shape to give it I will hold it. Rest my palms on it and feel a love and connection. Yes, to old jigsaw pieces. I connect to it and feel as close to it as I have a person. I have yet to experience that with any of the other mediums I work with. Its a loving feeling and it is give and take. The Mystic was the first piece that had a hold of me. It felt powerful and insisted I take my time with it. It called to me often in the middle of the night to work on it. Up I would get...3 or 4 near the upstairs window when no visitors were here and watch the sun rise and feel tears of joy come to me as I slowly glued one piece at a time.

This might sound hokey or even nuts, but I kid you not about any of this. The other piece that had even more power was 'The Birch Geisha'. I could almost hear her hissing at me for attention once she was completed and up in the tiny hallway in the staircase (my only place to really hang work and see how it looks). Currently my three dimensional puzzle sculpture holds the record for the most amount of heat I have felt coming from my hands when I rest them on the head. Sometimes I just hold my hands there, not even gluing or working on it in any way. It just feels good.

My masks are mysterious to me and even though I know there is no one behind them, I truly believe there is an energy within them ~ these are warrior masks....they are made up energy from the previous puzzle puttertogetherers (huh?) , thousands of random jigsaw pieces from various puzzles touched by untold hands that are lastly and lovingly caressed by me.


paris parfait said…
The puzzle mask is fabulous! And I like your concept of warrior masks and all that energy.
Kara said…
Those masks are amazing and yes, I love how you wrote about them. It's fascinating to think about the energy within them. Thanks
sognatrice said…
Love the mask--I can feel its energy :)
DJPare said…
Those masks are fantastic! And they do look like they stare right through you. Guess this week's prompt was meant for you!

And thanks for your nice compliment. The rants come easier these days, unfortunately, but I am going to make an effort towards more fiction.
arboleda said…
interesting work and interesting thoughts...
Clare said…
When I clicked on your link in Sunday Scribblings and your mask appeared -- I was so incredibly moved by its energy and gaze. It's presence is very deep and strong -- ancient even. It feels good to look at it. Thank you!
I love your mask and the concept behind it. I really enjoyed reading about the energies you find in making them too!
Anonymous said…
Honestly, I love the woman with the hair puzzle piece you've got posted on the right. It's so mysterious, and for some reason...I feel sad for her. I like it. :) It's unique art. If I had money, I'd buy it.
Shelby said…
I think the masks are awesome, mysterious and very interesting how you wrote about them.
penelope, thanks for the comment..coming from you it really means something cuz your finicky.

I really love my masks and you guys all had such great comments about them, its very valuable feedback. thank you.

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