Sunday Scribblings: # 59 Second Chance

This week's challenge is truly that. For one, I don't know where this second chance thing came into being. What about 4th or 10th chance? Do people only give you two chances in life? If they did I wouldn't have made it this far. Maybe a second chance thing is just a good outline to have, if in our heads we think we are allowed one fuck up it gives us a little leeway in life.

Second chance. Just saying those words conjures up all the jobs and relationships I've ever had and how I needed several chances ~ if I only had a second chance I probably wouldn't be here right now.

Second chance. Those words also bestow a feeling of grace towards self and life. Most of us are so hard on ourselves, I know I am my own worst enemy. I scream at myself if I need a second chance. Anxiety has riddled gaping holes into my brain because what if I don't get a second chance....what if this is truly it??????

Second chance also seems dismal. Of course then you get the three strikes and you're out. But whats after that? Its a cliche that doesn't bode well in my mind. You get a zillion chances over and over. Each moment is another chance isn't it? That's all life is. My little dictionary says this: Chance: A possibility of something happening. An opportunity. The way in which things happen without any obvious plan or cause. A second chance is just the beginning, if someone or some situation doesn't give you a second chance then get the hell out of there!

Sunday Scribblings


Tori said...

Great post-insightful with a sense of humor. I love that you point out that we are entitled to second chances and they can conjure us mixed emotions.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed this poost!

Misplaced said...

"each moment is another chance"

I love that- takes some of the pressure of...of course with that kind of attitude you might have the opportunity to enjoy lifes little fuck ups.

I also a gree that without a 4th and a 5th chance - I'd have been lost. Wonderful post- as always

colleen said...

I think there should be at least three chances like wishes and baseball.

gautami tripathy said...

We will always reflect on having second chances or whatever. What I feel is, we should give our best in whatever we do. Learning is eternal and we do learn from our experinces. That in a way is like having a second chance.

You post set me thinking. Hence the above rambling.

Another Chance

Elspeth said...

Yes, a second chance is a new beginning ... and to not 'get' it means that it must be best to have the 'new beginning' elsewhere. A third chance ... suggests that even after getting a second chance something got messed up again. Maybe that's why we only really hear about those 'second chances'.

Marcia said...

If a second chance is the opportunity to do something again, then every chance (even second chances) we get to try again, because no one said we ONLY get a second chance the FIRST time we try something... so that means we can get a second chance on a second chance because once we try something a second time, that immediate experience is a "new" experience. . . so every moment gives us another chance at a second chance. . . Thanks for getting me thinking. . .