Sunday Scribblings: #58 Ocean

When I saw what the prompt was for this sunday scribbling I felt nothing. It would have been easy to then decide I just wont write one this week ~ instead I'll go with the challenge:

It has been said many times, in many ways that we are all but a drop in the ocean. We are all the same, made up of the same things yet remain unique droplets in one large body of 'life' ie 'ocean'.

It wasn't until I started making art a few years ago that I began to realize that I was indeed a part of the ocean. I thought I was lake water at best, at worst, part of the sewer system. The ocean was 'out there' and made up of people that I didn't like, didn't trust and certainly didn't feel I would ever be a part of let alone accepted by. Large bodies of water scared me, you could get lost in there and lose your place couldn't you? You could sink, drown...disappear into darkness. I prefer mountains. I can hike in them and see where I have been, I don't get sea sick and the terrain changes often, while the ocean carries you where it may and you seemingly have little control.

Water is water. People are people. You cannot separate yourself from the whole. I have been hearing this but never comprehending or feeling it. I feel like I dunked myself into the ocean the first time I showed my art to people. I can connect to people through my art. It is my raft in the ocean that moves me through it, in it, and allows me to float and relax somewhat. Everyone is out there...holding on to whatever it is that gives them connection. They float by on their own unique rafts...some sink or get eaten by sharks...some get stung by jelly fish....some ride the waves and seemingly leave the ocean on their surfboards...but they too come crashing back into the water because all waves end at some point in time.

Life is a huge ocean filled to the brim with every imaginable thing ~ the impossibility of ever swimming through it all and seeing it all can sometimes be overwhelming. I guess all one can do is enjoy being in it and stop trying to get an aerial view and control where you want to go. Let the current take you where it will and just make sure you have the proper equipment to aide you in your journey. We are in the ocean, of the ocean and forever a part of what makes the ocean so full and vast. We are it and it is us.

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Inconsequential said...

Life - ocean
yup it's too big :)

Nice post you've done.
Liked the raft bit.

Bongga Mom said...

Your analogies are great... thanks for rising to the challenge and sharing your thoughts with everyone.

gautami tripathy said...

"Life is a huge ocean filled to the brim with every imaginable thing ~ the impossibility of ever swimming through it all and seeing it all can sometimes be overwhelming."

Loved those above lines. I can understand that.

consciously bottomless

angel said...

now that was cool! very interesting.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Great metaphors here.

DJPare said...

I liked the way you tied the analogy to your own life!
Hope I don't get eaten by a shark today...

Thanks for your great comments and suggestion - I did chop down the number of posts shown on my main page.

P.S. I love Stowe! I ski...

sarala said...

Glad you decided to post anyway. I didn't know you weren't an ocean person. I can see you like me wandering the shore looking for salvage.

sognatrice said...

I'm glad you accepted the challenge as well; I'm not a beach/ocean/water person either, but I can appreciate your thoughts about learning to cope with floating out of control in this ocean of life. Nice post.