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The Puzzle Dude

The artist seems to have stopped working on the puzzle dude. What's a piece of art to do when it is being ignored? Other than pester her, asking when she will finish him...why she isn't continuing on with his facial features and hair or making a stand for him so he can be displayed in the gallery ~ he waits, sleeps as much as he can and reads.

for every up theres a down

Its been a big month what with the gallery having three shows and me being in one and attending all of them. Its the most social I've been here and I've met some great people. Being asked to do a commission for someone. Going in this week to talk to an arts association about teaching an adult workshop. So I should be thrilled, and have been riding a good wave ~ until today. It hit me, the doubt and the exhaustion. (this happened tonight when I tore apart the commissioned piece I've worked on for days now) Whenever I can't get enough good sleep it all goes to hell in a hand basket. When the house I care take for is occupied I never sleep right and the creativity and spontaneity vanish. I feel like I need to tip toe around and I clench every orifice whenever I go out to the garage to use tools.

So now I feel like I can't make art and I have just a few weeks to try to get some work done for the big annual opening in July. They want work in by mid June. I've never …

someone sent me scrap!

One of my blog friends sent me some scrap today ( I should say "Found Objects" since they truly were found by this person)! Its gorgeous....I can picture it on a Limited Ed. RR Clock. Thank you thank you, I love it. The nails are cool too.

Sunday Scribblings: #60 Masks

While my puzzle assemblages are not something one can wear, I think of them, and have called them masks because of the energy within them. They are mysterious and the most coveted of my assemblages, just last night at the gallery opening I was trying to explain to someone why my mask, 'The Mystic' is so powerful and even cherished. The reasoning? I was a massage therapist full time for 17 years + 3 more years part time, and in those years my hands have literally felt thousands and thousands of faces. I often did massages in near complete darkness...with my eyes closed, that and the silence and energy passing from client to therapist (me) was often palatable.

Every puzzle mask I have made has felt like a living being that I have given reiki energy to. My hands rest on them, cupping the cheeks, passing over the forehead. I often turn the piece upside down and instantly feel I am working on a client. My fingers holding some of the puzzle pieces for minutes at a time when placed in…

Opening: Gallery Show/Self/Life

First I want to thank those of you who sent me emails wishing me good luck towards last night's show. It meant a lot to me...and believe it or not when I was standing there waiting for everyone to stare at me as I spoke I actually thought about those good wishes and it made me feel stronger.

I am happy to say that things went better than I could have imagined. Yes I felt like I was going to have a full blown panic attack, my left leg was numb and my foot something I could no longer feel; I was convinced if I panicked I would just fall to the ground like a clump so it was in my best interest to remain as calm as I could. I actually was social and engaging and surprised myself by the voice that boomed out of me at an unexpected time.

The speaker had pages in front of him and it was the waiting for him to get to my art that drove me nuts. I had been told ahead of time that the audience would be encouraged to ask questions so I was tongue cocked like a gun ready to go off. A…

watch the video before reading the post

I had a mishap. This was the largest scrap band that I found the other day and I was trying to roll it around the house to get it in our basement apartment to then roll it into the basement, aka my 'studio'. The other bands were lighter and smaller so I could walk them down the backdoor basement staircase.

This baby was too heavy and cumbersome so I rolled it around and came to this little hill. My roomate walked out and asked if I needed help and to prove I didn't I gave it a shove to roll it down the hill. I assumed it would crash on its side. It didn't. I watched in horror as it bobbed and popped its way merrily all the way to the pond. My roomate started yelling for me to get it so I ran (in flip flops) and got close but gave up. I just stood there screaming. It rolled with a final bounce into the air, straight to the bottom of the pond.

Had it been left to me I would have left it there...thats how much I hate ponds and think them vile, dirty and creepy bogs of terri…

It was a good day

Yesterday my friend and I went off searching for more found objects. Specifically I was wanting more round objects but wouldn't pass up the chance for other baubles if they presented themselves. We were up for just a quick loop, not even wanting to spend an hour since I wanted to get back and work. I naturally look for scrap every single time I go anywhere so I had a couple of places in mind. The first stop was a house with a crumbling barrel in front of the porch. We stopped and asked about it and sure enough if we wanted the rings on it the barrel was mine. It was too good to be true! I got five rings off of that one barrel!

Onward and seeing barrels everywhere we went, in the back of my mind I knew what I really wanted; I had imagined large rings similar to the ones I found last year at the dump but they needed to be lighter. I also know there are plenty of round rusty steel rings out there of sizes and thickness yet to be discovered...maybe today was the day?

The second stop was…

A little more history

Summer of 04 I was camping in northern Minnesota. It had been a full year since I quit massage and almost a year since I had 'hit the road'. I spent the winter in MN in a one bedroom apartment near the lakes just a stone's throw from downtown Minneapolis. The apartment was devoid of furniture and I used my camping gear for everything imaginable. I remember the landlord seeming a bit dubious about whether to rent to me for six I was fleeing the law or something. He couldn't believe I had no furniture and was just travelling and wanting to spend a winter there. I was able, before winter, to find a love seat sitting on the curb for trash in a nice neighborhood and found someone to haul it to my apartment. Another person loaned me a table. I got to know my neighbor and she gave me a key to her apartment and let me use her computer whenever I wanted to. I spent my days like this: I got up and ran almost every morning (no, I wasn't a runner but I needed to …

Sunday Scribblings: # 59 Second Chance

This week's challenge is truly that. For one, I don't know where this second chance thing came into being. What about 4th or 10th chance? Do people only give you two chances in life? If they did I wouldn't have made it this far. Maybe a second chance thing is just a good outline to have, if in our heads we think we are allowed one fuck up it gives us a little leeway in life.

Second chance. Just saying those words conjures up all the jobs and relationships I've ever had and how I needed several chances ~ if I only had a second chance I probably wouldn't be here right now.

Second chance. Those words also bestow a feeling of grace towards self and life. Most of us are so hard on ourselves, I know I am my own worst enemy. I scream at myself if I need a second chance. Anxiety has riddled gaping holes into my brain because what if I don't get a second chance....what if this is truly it??????

Second chance also seems dismal. Of course then you get the three strikes and y…

Sunday Scribblings: #58 Ocean

When I saw what the prompt was for this sunday scribbling I felt nothing. It would have been easy to then decide I just wont write one this week ~ instead I'll go with the challenge:

It has been said many times, in many ways that we are all but a drop in the ocean. We are all the same, made up of the same things yet remain unique droplets in one large body of 'life' ie 'ocean'.

It wasn't until I started making art a few years ago that I began to realize that I was indeed a part of the ocean. I thought I was lake water at best, at worst, part of the sewer system. The ocean was 'out there' and made up of people that I didn't like, didn't trust and certainly didn't feel I would ever be a part of let alone accepted by. Large bodies of water scared me, you could get lost in there and lose your place couldn't you? You could sink, drown...disappear into darkness. I prefer mountains. I can hike in them and see where I have been, I don't get se…

the opening

Last night I went to the first of three openings to be held this month at the gallery I am in. They are trying something new by having different art professionals speak about the work, I give them credit beyond belief for taking the time and effort to get this going.

I think I am just too zoned in right now on what isn't working for me personally when I attend openings. What bothered me most last night was the lack of passion the speaker had. She spoke quietly and not engaging enough to stand out in a powerful way. I give her credit for standing up there and starting off the dialogue with bringing up the point that most people look at art and either judge it good or bad. And then they ask WHAT makes it so? They don't know, they don't know what to think or feel and get frustrated by not 'knowing about art'. Its daunting. So she started to expound on abstract art and how people like to compartmentalize it, put it into a box of what it reminds them of and then everyone…