Sunday Scribblings: Wings

When I was old enough to wander outside on my own I became fascinated with lady bugs, monarch butterflies, lightening bugs and beetles. Every year I would wait for the time of year that each bug was proliferate. Mating and migratory season kept me quite busy searching and studying their little bodies. Wings especially caught my attention, how they folded up into themselves or under hard rounded shells. I would try to pry open beetle and lady bug shells just to get a look at those wings all tucked up in there. I loved tearing them apart like little webs or studying the map of all the lines and contours in each wing whenever I came across a dead bug .

In the Fall when the Monarch Butterflies came into town our backyard was filled with thousands of them and I would spend hours creeping up on them and ever so quietly, delicately grasping their seemingly weightless wings with my thumb and index finger and placing them on my arms or fingers just to watch them walk around. A shimmering chalky substance would be left on my fingers after having touched several of them in a day.

But I always noticed the torture a bug seemed to experience when you held it by its wings or when a wing was damaged. Seemed to me back then the bugs that had the hard shells as opposed to visible unprotected shells were able to recover magically when something happened to them, it might take awhile but sure enough they would disappear given time. The butterflies and moths were more exposed and obviously more vulnerable, their damaged wings eventually did them in.

I think people can fly too, it seems the ones that are 'lighter' in spirit go the furthest. Most people don't know how to fly or that they even can. Not everyone is encouraged to take flight into the world, but we are all capable once we realize we do have wings and can travel far once we learn how to use them.

Sunday Scribblings


Shelby said...

This is one of the most beautiful pieces I've read. Thank you for sharing it.



colleen said...

When we were kids we thought the bones that stick out on either side of our back were where our wings once went.

sarala said...

Lovely piece of writing. It seems too many of us are earthbound. Glad you feel that we can learn to fly.

BlueJude said...

I could use some wings lately...got any to spare? lol Great post! Happy Monday!

Shelby said...

Thanks for your comments today. Regarding the photos - no, I did not take them. I'm a flickr.com addict and I usually go hunting 2 or 3 times a day to find shots that speak to me. I upload them with permission and write a little somthing to go along.

Take care.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I have always been fascinated by bugs and butterflies too and I love the way you compare them to humans. Yes we can all fly if we try.

Misplaced said...

Wonderful post! I love the idea that we all capable of flight-

The agony of knowing that you can fly but that you, because of fear, choose not to- is a special hell. I liked your take on this....very thought provocing.