following a dream

the whole stuck thing is starting to alarm me
you don't want to know the things
that go through my head
you don't want to hear the hisses
that reverberate in my eustachian tubes
and the doubts
that have almost twisted my body
into its very own question mark
drama? probably
i know i am not alone
and i know this isn't life or death
even if it feels like it

sometimes i do wonder
about the dreams we have
the real life dreams
the conscious soul searching dreams
that pull and yank us
towards directions that seemingly make no sense
i wonder if our dreams collide
with other people's dreams
and create new dreams
that billow like smoke
towards unknown destinations

i feel useless right now
this isn't self pity talking
it feels to me like
i've been on a trail
hiking alone
following a faint path
that really wasn't
a path at all
it feels to me like I might need to turn around
retrace some of my steps
and change direction
but a persistent force
keeps beckoning me forward

and its tiresome to keep trying
to hold onto my gear
so i keep dropping more of it
along the way
its only with empty hands
that you can reach for new things

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Lisa B said...

Follow your bliss. The rest will take care of itself.