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I'm afraid I have more to say

about FEAR.

I also realize that fear is something that is caused by many things. I believe fear can be instilled in you when you are a child. That watching or hearing your parents who have fear based lives can impact you. Fear can be hormonal, genetic, circumstantial etc. or all of the above.

What does this have to do with art? Art so far has been a teacher. I have already done so many things that honestly I don't think I could do again, or would want to do again. I don't want to go live in my tent again and not know where I'm going or where I will live for a season. I don't want to go to New York City for an art show and stay in a little hotel room and have panic attacks all night. I'm not so sure I could stand as many 'all new' experiences like I have had in the last 24 months what with learning about how to technically put together work; how to get into shows; how to do a zillion things that one would never imagine you have to do when you become a serious …

Fear Sucks

So I was thinking about fear today as I drove to Burlington to drop off a piece of art for a small show at the art association there. Thinking about my post last night and Daniel recommending a book for me. Thinking about Misplaced in the Midwest well as all the other people out there that are trying to find the space and time and the courage to make big changes in order to changes themselves and their lives.

Misplaced has talked about fear and I can relate. The layers of fear are deep, you can think you are afraid of one thing but if you have the wherewith all to peel back that layer another one reveals itself and you realize all those underlying layers of fear are what created the bubble of fear that seemingly pops out of nowhere at any given time and leaves you paralyzed. Fear takes away your dignity and strength and it takes brut strength to regain your balance and get back on track once it has sliced the floor out from under your feet.

In my post below I realize that …


I haven't been making art all that long. If you think about it, when I finally settled here in Vermont and got a studio apt. the end of summer in '04 I had nothing but some paper and pens that I brought with me. I started collecting stuff rather rapidly. I found a place in Burlington I could get puzzles for 25¢ a box. I've been going there the last 2 years and have literally gotten hundreds of boxes. I even considered making an installation out of all the boxes but my work area started piling up to the ceiling with them and I caved in and took them to be recycled. I don't buy as many puzzles right now since I have untold bags filled with them as well as a shelf of put together puzzles; perhaps one day when I am more stable in where I live I can be a complete fool and surround myself with puzzles galore. There are many more things I plan on doing with puzzles, I can never have enough!

Its been almost four months since I made a puzzle mask, not long considering I've s…

whats on your wish list?

the steep learning curve

First off, I did not take any of these pictures. Second, I am not in any of these pictures. This my friend, is the show I did in NY, yes, the big January. One dreams of having their work in NY. Aspires to it. Even if they have to PAY $600 to do it! Last summer I was 'invited' to be a part of an art show of 'raw artists'. What this entailed was me sending in a picture of one or two pieces I had in mind and a bio. I was accepted on the spot and immediately put into the category of something to the effect of: 32 of the best raw artists in the world. All else I had to do was pay for my wall space. Here is where I made a mistake. I could pay $300 or $600. I'd get twice the space (roughly 5 x 9 ft I believe) for twice the money. I went for twice the money. This felt thrilling. It felt worth it. I was going to have my art in New York City!!! Yeehaaaaaa!!! Few things go as planned in life. The first sign of something not being groovy was when I was informed les…

its cold

I had to cut some plywood today and can't do it in the house...too dusty and messy. So out to the garage I went. Freezing, blowing...its still winter despite the calendar. This is my little outfit, ear/eye/nose/head/protection just to cut one piece of wood.

whats YOUR studio look like?

Whats your studio look like? Is it a mess all the time? I can't seem to keep mine in any order for more than a day. I find the more tables and places I procure to stash objects the more I fill them up and still end up working on the floor more often than not. I have a small reader base, but if you are an artist of any kind and want to send in a sm photo for me to upload, I'll share your studio too with a link to your blog or website. Just email me an image or send me a flickr link to get your picutre (not over 1mg please!) and the site you want me to link the picture to. I love seeing other artist's/writers work spaces, hard to imagine how work ever gets done in most of them! Please write "my studio" in the subject line of the email.

Dy's Tiles

Lisa Call's Studio

Daniel Sroka's Studio

Nellie Durands Studio

Liz LeServiget
yes, she paints on the porch in nice weather :)

Krissi Sandvik Fiber Arts

Change or Die

I picked this book up at the library. It is by Alan Deutschman, and I gotta say, this book is eye opening and a great source of inspiration. Lately I find myself fixated almost as much on how art is shown and marketed as I am making it. Those of you reading my posts know I have been spending a fair amount of time relaying my experiences as they pertain to getting my work out there in the world. When I read last night about Wenda Harris Millard I realized I needed to change how I am going about trying to change things. What is fascinating about her is, as the book says, '... in 2001 Yahoo's top executives recruited her in late 2001 to reorganize and run their North American sales force, she knew they needed an attitude adjustment.' She was in her 50's and had a career as a publisher and was the first woman ever to run one of the major women's magazines. This might seem out of left field, like what am I getting at right? Well, this book is discussing many aspects of …

so many voices

So today I drove to Burlington to check out the place I was offered a solo show in June. I knew it was a coffee place and had reservations, but it is the art district and is part of a 'friday art walk' thing. It is a historic building, but I haffta say the minute I walked in I felt complete disappointment.

This is just another challenge I have felt as an artist; that being, do you take whatever you can get if it means some exposure? Can beggars be choosers? Well, there was no question in my mind that I would not feel good about myself or my art if I had a show there. Things were being hung from thin aluminum horizontal poles around a semi rectangular room that was very sparse in tables or chairs. Odd hanging in front of a big window and then 2 or 3 more places near a back door and the side. It was suggested I could hang about 13-14 pieces and I realized I would only be able to get 5 or so up. The bars hung in such a way that I feared my longer pieces would reach hand level for …

good stress

SOLD! All too often in life it seems that we always fixate about what we want. Soon as we get it we move on to what we want next. Again and again. Or, the things we want then keep us so busy and distracted that because of them we then seem to need something more/else.

I can only speak for myself since I have met artists who seem almost to prefer keeping their art in their home. They seem to want to hold on to a lot of the art they have made. Not me. I want to make art and set it free like a balloon. I have mentioned b4 that keeping art in the basement all wrapped up in plastic feels like having a bunch of corpses lying around. The energy feels very stuck and it actually gets more difficult to want to keep making art.

The last few months my art has been selling with more regularity. It was Fall of 05 that I created a website and began showing my work in a few shows and a gallery. The occasions I have gotten out and shown my work I have usually sold work, but my ultimate goal was to be abl…

back to the fundraiser conundrum

Last week I had a post about my problem with organizations asking artists to donate work and then not offering any compensation. I deleted the post because I realized I needed to ask the specific organization that had asked me to donate a few questions first.

Here are the details:

I was mailed a canvas and asked to create something on it. Postage was paid to send it back. I was cool with was small and they supplied the bulk of the materials. I was questioning why we were supposed to sign it on the back since this was supposed to be good exposure for us. How is that possible if they do not know who made it?

2nd bone of contention was, they also asked me personally for a 'wow' piece. I called them and talked about this and had a few emails over it. They wanted a mixed media piece. Either something I already had or to make something. Again, sign it on the back. I was promised this would be good for me. Good exposure. When I asked them how is it good exposure when no one w…

artsy fartsy

last night I started reading this little book by david lynch 'catching the big fish' . (thanks for sending the book, you know who you are!) I am not a fan of his movies, I was disturbed by 'eraserhead' and 'blue velvet' but that's just me. This book is about meditation, consciousness, and creativity and the chapters are really just 1-2 page profundities of his. He is talking about creating and one chapter is called 'Interpretation'. He brings up an excellent point about people saying they don't understand music but that most people experience music emotionally and would agree that music is an abstraction. He says, ' you don't need to put music into words right away - you just listen'. He goes on to compare cinema the same way. I of course was thinking about how everyone seems to say to me when it comes to giving an opinion about my art, "well, I'm not artsy fartsy', or "I don't know anything about art". WE…