ocular treat


sue said...

love this pic. WHo is artist?

Self Taught Artist said...

I don't know, its random graffiti on a train.

Misplaced said...

It's very cool. I wish I knew more about art. I mentioned this to a painter friend of mine and he said 'if you like it it's good.' As simple as that?

I like this random graffiti, it took, by my count, 9 different people marking the wall and a little rust and, viola, a thing of beauty. Great photo by the by.

Self Taught Artist said...

hey misplaced, thx for your input. I hear that alot..."I don't know anything about art...what it means" etc.
I dont know what anything means either. Thats why I get so exasperated by all the written hyperbole about art/artists. I know that personally I have issues if I'm getting so triggered, but that is besides the point.
I like what your painter friend said and I agree. Ya like it? Then das goot. Ya don't, well move on to the next one eh?
I guess what I am learning to appreciate is the comments from people, like I certainly didn't study that and figure out how many possible artists made that grafitti. YOUR comment makes me see my own art/photos differently. So its important. Gee maybe I'm figuring somethin out.