I often wonder if I am boring
All I do is think about art
And surviving financially
I play the PowerBall
and my first thought is
that I would get a Dwell Pre-fab
wood and steel home,
stick it out in the mountains
in the desert
away from everyone
and have every room
be its own art studio
All I need is a good kitchen
a dark room to sleep in
a large tub with windows next to it
lots of trails nearby
and time
Time to live & explore
To see if that person inside
who I tried to suffocate
is really alive and forgives me
enough to love life and LIVE.
Fear weakens you,
makes you forget what
confidence and strength feels like
Making art is my lifeline.
It is what I believe in, it is
the only thing that makes
any sense to me.
It is, the only thing
that matters.


Rose of Sharon said...

I absolutely LOVE this. I wish I had such raw, pure passion for something, anything as you do for your art.

We think about the same things: am I boring? I too, play the powerball, but with the hopes that I can quit my job and just spend my time training for triathlons, riding and running. Perhaps that is my passion?

I fear fear as well. But you know, seems to me like this fear is also bolstering you on to continue to make your art, to continue fueling that lifeline.

I'm glad you're back!

sue said...

Congrats on the launch of your great clocks on art socket site. They will be telling time in all corners of the globe!!

Self Taught Artist said...

thanks sue...i know you love those clocks ;) thanks for the rah rah rah!!!!!
and rose of sharon, thanks for the welcome back. you have passion, i know its in there cuz i've read it in your words.

Misplaced said...

Great post. Funny, I was pondering fear and what a corrosive little thread it is.

I like your dream home- $1 lottery ticket is good for several hours of dreaming.

Thanks for the post.