Brief History

Blogs are usually succinct and entertaining. Please forgive me as I reach back into time and play catch up with my history:

1) I arrive in Vermont in late July of 04 and almost immediately am making art with found RR Tie Plates.

2) By winter I am working loosely with puzzle pieces which later in the year morph into Mixed Media Assemblages. In 2006 the Puzzle Mask Assemblages were born.

3) Summer of 2005 I started working on Mixed Media Assemblages.

So, the above photo is my first Art Show display. I'm rather embarrassed by it actually. This is Vermont okay ~ there aren't going to be any bells and whistles. It was a Juried show (which means you had to pay $90 and have someone glance at your work and give a thumbs up) I was excited in my ignorant glee by being accepted into my first show. The building was an ancient skating rink and I felt like a barn animal waiting to be slaughtered. It was aesthetically harsh with obtuse radio music playing from the heavens above, just loud enough to get in your way. The draw to get people to show up was to have local restaurants set up food booths and you bought food tickets for 50 cents and got little globs of food to eat while you walked around and glanced at all the artists sitting/standing in front of their work.

I should not complain too much, as I did manage to sell two works. I should not complain that I had no experience with selling art and it took me months to get the full payment from a buyer who never answered her phone and always had a reason why she did not have the money yet. I did learn how to better deal with selling works and I did realize I had many learning curves to navigate. Oh, and I won a "merit" award for the Mixed Media Category, ie a little blue ribbon, sort of what you'd expect to receive for the largest heifer in a farm show.

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