Art Openings

Tonight there is another opening at the one Gallery I have been in for just about a year now. They used to have openings every 12 weeks but that slowed down and they have yet to have one since last July. This piece, 'Nine Layers to Marilyn' was in the last show and after seven months it just sold to one of the biggest art collectors in the area! I'm learning patience I guess because I've been bugging them should I take this piece back now.
I love the Gallery that I am in, they are trustworthy and the owner always calls me when I sell a piece...he always sounds so happy for me. Plus the work they carry is unique, and what I consider to be on the cutting edge. So far the galleries I have seen in Vermont are pretty much the same ole same ole. I can only stand looking at so many abstract canvas paintings. Can only tolerate so many cows/barns/horses/snow scenes/crows or still life's. My friend 'T' and I feel that most art is 'dead art'. Its been done to death. Over and over and over. Even museums seem to be more of a morgue than filled with life and creativity.
So back to tonight. I'm not really sure I will go. I probably should. I hate shoulds. I also dislike how I feel when I go to openings that my work is included in because so far the experience has been like this: I get there. After a few seconds I usually see the gallery staff and we say quick hi hi's. Then I am sent out into my own orbit, knowing no one and floundering about a room filled with chatty couples and various oddballs. I have tried standing near my work and waiting to see if someone looks like they are open for a conversation about it. I usually feel like I'm a pusher trying to whore my work out. I have tried ignoring my work and flitting about, not knowing what the hell to say to anyone. Nothing feels right. I have yet to be introduced to anyone....my fantasy would be that the gallery people would yank me off towards an art collector that is looking at my work and introduce me. I've even expressed my desire to be introduced and involved....what is the point in going there if I just disappear amongst an eccentric crowd?
I'm not trying to sound harsh about the gallery owners. They are lovely people. I realize all experiences that I have have more to do about my own growth as a human being that anything else. And yet, I do believe there are more clueless people than not. No one is going to try to sell my work harder than I should be right? Which leads me to believe there has got to be another way to find 'my people' than the status quo has led us to believe.
*Oops, I realize the show is tomorrow. I get another day of respite.


tbacke said...

Gallery events do feel very diconnected to me. The environment is usually set up like a museum . . . when was the last time you enjoyed a rockin' social gathering at a museum full of strangers, concrete floors and 40' ceilings? Not exactly a formula for social intimacy. There are only a handful of galleries that I've been in that leave fond memories. None of them looked like (classic) museums. I was also treated to conversations that were informative, passionate, and held little pretence. In the larger context of life the gallery experience (at an opening or not) is an extreme sociological brew of personal needs and forces.

Self Taught Artist said...

I couldn't have said it better, I especially love your last sentence.
I think unless you know the artists/gallery owners/ or a handful of the visitors it is usually an isolating experience.
Dare I say I wish I could figure out how to change that, dare I say I think I could one day?