2nd Go Around

Early last fall I published my first blog with the same title. I found myself posting everyday if not more and getting into a few bad habits that I do not want to repeat this time. The intent of said blog was the same as this one, and that is to write about my experiences and thoughts as they pertain to my life as an artist. I am going to stay away from epic stories about my past if at all possible and stay focused on Art and all that pertains to it.

A quick catch up: I am a 45 yr old female self taught artist. Spring of 2003 I quit my business, got rid of most of my belongings and drove away from Arizona with a carload of camping gear/maps and a few art supplies. The only art I had ever made consisted of 7 or 8 med to large scale pen and ink drawings. For some reason I had this conviction that I needed to leave my old life and go towards another life. I believed I would find passion and meaning; something that I had not experienced in my current rut.

I ended up camping and then working in Yellowstone that summer and then renting an apartment in Minneapolis for the winter. While I was there I met an artist type and we experimented with bake on paint that we used on glass and later I began using on tiles and coffee mugs. That led to me thinking I would head south in the summer and try to find some pottery classes and learn to glaze tiles.

What I ended up doing instead was landing in Vermont and creating Mixed Media Assemblages from found objects and scrap. Along with that I began taking pictures and experimenting with combining scrap metal and photography as a way to escape the tedium of traditional framed photography. The beauty, at least I think, in being a self taught artist means you are only limited by your self. It is not an easy road though and sometimes I wonder if I am not paying some price for it when trying to enter into the real world of art critics and establishments. Which brings me to the meat of my desire to have a blog in the first place. This time around I want to stop feeling afraid of voicing my opinions about the art world as I see and experience it. My intention is not to diss anyone as much as it is to enlighten other burgeoning self taught artists and/or art buyers who may not really understand what an artist goes through.

I welcome thoughts and comments; another problem with my last blog was this need of mine to get all chatty with everyone less they feel ignored and not return. I felt a lot of pressure to be responsive to all comments...so maybe this time I will bow out a bit and comment when necessary but not when neurotically inclined.

So, here we go.....again!


Misplaced said...

Welcome back.

I appreciate your taking time time to mentor me in how this is done.

Looking forward to following the journey.

m.m.crow said...

I'm so glad you're back in blog-ville. for me and for you.