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The closer you get the further it is

Back in late '95, for no apparent reason I picked up a calligraphy pen & started making these thin doodle lines. And for no apparent reason, got some pastel chalk & colored it all. I made about seven med. to large scale drawings in as many months. A few years later I made a few more. I was still working for myself as a massage therapist. Life went on. I had to move from the 12 yr rental house I was in and decided to go live in a nice new apartment with vaulted ceilings and lots of great amenities. I thought my slightly smaller diggs would be a good place to hunker down and get into my drawing. I was wrong. Anyone who knew me then was aware of 'derrick the dickhead', the 6.5' monster that lived below me who partied with his bimbo girlfriend every night. He managed to leave bright and early to get to some mysterious job every day and I would have a few hours to recover before door slamming/screaming/thumping of bass swirled into my brain and destroyed any peace …

Self Taught Art 101. Prerequisite: MUST LIKE ART

I have a headache today, been under the weather the last week and today of all days I would love to feel great. Last night we sold a clock on Art Socket! Its wonderful, especially since so far the journey towards getting any publicity to the site via other blogs/sites has been just one big learning curve. It ain't easy. So I have some business to take care of with the clock today and I'm ready to tidy up more lose ends in my studio. I have had a few pieces that never came together right and they are 1.5 yrs old now. Here are the culprits:

Here's the story on my mixed media photography works. When I started taking pictures the obvious next step was to have them matted and framed. I had to find Museum Quality, Archival Matting. That is expensive not to mention the plethora of choices and cuts. Then there is the framing. UGH. I can remember even when I made my first Pen & Ink Drawings, before I even knew I was going to be an artist for real, that after I made them I was ho…

mayday, mayday

This is the kind of mail I get that makes my blood boil. One, I am an artist. I am always being sent information like this. Always being asked to join/donate/help support. What are they really asking for? They aren't making it easier for an individual artist as far as I can tell.

I want to be clear in my intentions here. I'm not trying to set it up where I just complain about everything out there and not have a solution. For starters, I am just trying to show some examples of how diseased the art world appears to me.

The above donation says: Yes I want to join the blah blah blah to help reverse the downward trend in funding for the arts and censure that all Americans have the opportunity to appreciate, value, and participate in the arts. (you can go online and enjoy all kinds of art. you can go into so many stores and galleries and museums that it would fill up years of your time)

Nothing about artists is mentioned, this is about you the art lover/viewer instead. The enclosed le…

think about art

have you ever stopped to think about
what art would look like
the artist could make what they
were inspired to make
as opposed to
what the gallery dictated
or what the market dictated?
have you ever stopped to think about
the art you see out there,
who controls its distribution
how much more is out there
that you do not get to see
because someone decided they
didn't like it and want it in their space?

Nine Layers to Marilyn

I just got an email from a friend and I want to share the part that is relevant. Thank you for this note, as always, I feel like I learn more each time when someone shares their thoughts and experiences about art. It gives back to me in ways I cannot begin to explain.

"In thinking about your comments in your blog - re what the hell is it all about - art, artists - (who knows?) i thought of your Marilyn and the fact that her image has been saturated into our culture and the world for more than 50 years by the countless times -yet one more was apparently needed for the collector who had the world of art to chose from - to see her and need to have that. That one more image. Weren't there enough? Why one more? That act tells me what art is about - to see things anew. That's what artists are doing for us. Thanks for being one of them!!!!!!!!!!!"

ocular treat

Jersey Barrier

I often wonder if I am boring
All I do is think about art
And surviving financially
I play the PowerBall
and my first thought is
that I would get a Dwell Pre-fab
wood and steel home,
stick it out in the mountains
in the desert
away from everyone
and have every room
be its own art studio
All I need is a good kitchen
a dark room to sleep in
a large tub with windows next to it
lots of trails nearby
and time
Time to live & explore
To see if that person inside
who I tried to suffocate
is really alive and forgives me
enough to love life and LIVE.
Fear weakens you,
makes you forget what
confidence and strength feels like
Making art is my lifeline.
It is what I believe in, it is
the only thing that makes
any sense to me.
It is, the only thing
that matters.

Art Openings

Tonight there is another opening at the one Gallery I have been in for just about a year now. They used to have openings every 12 weeks but that slowed down and they have yet to have one since last July. This piece, 'Nine Layers to Marilyn' was in the last show and after seven months it just sold to one of the biggest art collectors in the area! I'm learning patience I guess because I've been bugging them should I take this piece back now. - I love the Gallery that I am in, they are trustworthy and the owner always calls me when I sell a piece...he always sounds so happy for me. Plus the work they carry is unique, and what I consider to be on the cutting edge. So far the galleries I have seen in Vermont are pretty much the same ole same ole. I can only stand looking at so many abstract canvas paintings. Can only tolerate so many cows/barns/horses/snow scenes/crows or still life's. My friend 'T' and I feel that most art is 'dead art'. Its been done to …


'Schulz wasn't an artist because he suffered. He suffered because he was an artist. To keep choosing art over the comforts of a normal life - to grind out a strip everyday for fifty years; to pay the very steep psychic price for this - is the opposite of damaged. Its the sort of choice that only a tower of strength and sanity can make.' Quote from Jonathan Franzen's book The Discomfort Zone.

Brief History

Blogs are usually succinct and entertaining. Please forgive me as I reach back into time and play catch up with my history:

1) I arrive in Vermont in late July of 04 and almost immediately am making art with found RR Tie Plates.

2) By winter I am working loosely with puzzle pieces which later in the year morph into Mixed Media Assemblages. In 2006 the Puzzle Mask Assemblages were born.

3) Summer of 2005 I started working on Mixed Media Assemblages.

So, the above photo is my first Art Show display. I'm rather embarrassed by it actually. This is Vermont okay ~ there aren't going to be any bells and whistles. It was a Juried show (which means you had to pay $90 and have someone glance at your work and give a thumbs up) I was excited in my ignorant glee by being accepted into my first show. The building was an ancient skating rink and I felt like a barn animal waiting to be slaughtered. It was aesthetically harsh with obtuse radio music playing from the heavens above, just loud enough…

2nd Go Around

Early last fall I published my first blog with the same title. I found myself posting everyday if not more and getting into a few bad habits that I do not want to repeat this time. The intent of said blog was the same as this one, and that is to write about my experiences and thoughts as they pertain to my life as an artist. I am going to stay away from epic stories about my past if at all possible and stay focused on Art and all that pertains to it.

A quick catch up: I am a 45 yr old female self taught artist. Spring of 2003 I quit my business, got rid of most of my belongings and drove away from Arizona with a carload of camping gear/maps and a few art supplies. The only art I had ever made consisted of 7 or 8 med to large scale pen and ink drawings. For some reason I had this conviction that I needed to leave my old life and go towards another life. I believed I would find passion and meaning; something that I had not experienced in my current rut.

I ended up camping and then working…