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West Austin Studio Tour

Heads up! This weekend and next weekend the West Austin Studio Tour begins!  I will have a fair amount of work displayed at stop #14 thanks to Laura who has done a tremendous amount of work organizing, publicizing and readying her studio for this event.  You can find out more by going to her blog.  THANK YOU LAURA!!!!  I invite anyone who is in Austin to stop by, say hi and check out the variety of works she and other artists will be exhibiting!

ps I'm happy to say I did finally get all of my work back from the PA Gallery.  Not really thrilled with the way it was packed and returned, a few things a little worse for wear but given the lack of proper packing I'm just glad nothing got seriously damaged.  Who knows why things happen, that certainly seemed like a complete waste of time, effort and money.  Chalk it up to another life experience and move on.


try again

i do not feel efficient.  i feel completely scattered.
over a month ago etsy made what was kinda a big change to things and i have been trying to recover from it view wise. sales wise.  its a slow time of year anyhow but to have suddenly get a huge loss in views because of their change has been completely overwhelming.  were it not for a few repeat customers i would be fucked.  JUST when i was getting lots of views, consistent sales from 'new people'....the rug got pulled out from under me and i feel like i'm starting from scratch again.  i spend HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS screwing with keywords, marketing, trying to get seen online again.

to top it off, many of you know i have help with $$ and that got cut a little and probably will more this year. i try to live in the moment so i dont wake up sweating with panic and fear.  everything is falling name it. from clothing/shoes/car/computer stuff, camera, tools....ME.  i'm not 20 anymore.  menopause picked the worst time to come get me.  there are days i am so tired i feel like moby dick is taking a nap on top of me.  but no one is going to do it for me so i have no choice but to keep doing whatever it is i do.

i got into a PA gallery this year but that was cut short.  i guess i'm responsible for that debacle.  it leaves a sour taste in my mouth but what can i do, move on.  i personally found it frustrating that this place wanted my work ASAP for a feb 1st friday art walk.  i shipped 2 boxes PRONTO.  i never heard a word.  granted i am not showing 7k pieces, and they wanted my work mostly for (as they put it...)
'spontaneous purchases', still, would it have been such an onerous deed to say hey paula got the work thank you. it arrived safely.  love it.  hate it. whatever.  but no. nothing.  so i checked in.  the first friday was literally days away from when the boxes arrived.  i waited a week and then said well how was it?  they wanted to put several of my big flowers outside.  'oh it rained'.  i waited 3 weeks and inquired again, their response....OH THE BOXES HAVENT BEEN UNPACKED YET.  huh?  are you kidding me?  so basically you lied to me about even getting the work out in time for the first friday.

i then decided to find out how long they wanted my work because i'm trying to get a feel for my inventory and find other venues instead of depending on online sales.  what i got back for a response was 'please confirm your shipping address i will return everything next week'.  wow.  so the 3 month stint i was to have turned into 3 weeks.

bitter taste.  i'm sure in their eyes i was just an annoying person who is a nuisance.  i cannot imagine, i really can't, receiving art from an artist and not saying a damn word about it.

anyhow.  onward.  my life feels so constipated sometimes.

another etsy friend in new mexico kindly gave me the name of a gallery she is in in taos.  i called them yesterday and the woman seemed warm. human. communicative.  she asked me to send images.  i did.  i got a response immediately saying in a few days the owner will look but she is NUTS about my clocks.  (i'm hoping they are nuts about my keepsake boxes and flowers too).  so i'm paying for my shipping which is expensive ...i was under the impression the PA gallery was paying for shipping both ways. initially i said i am very tight with money and if she wanted the work she could pay for shipping since it was such a rush job...anyhow, now i find she is having me pay for shipping if i want my work back.  and now i will be hopefully shipping more stuff elsewhere.  and shipping stuff to austin that another etsy friend wants to help get my work out there.  she has been so kind offering  to take my work places and get us both into retail or galleries.  the biggest problem is i dont make big expensive things and it is a huge challenge for me to wrap my head around getting only 50% of say a $40 item.  but if i can't make enough sales online right now i have to do something.

it very difficult for me to have a feel for what should be online, what should go here or there.  how to handle all the things i make and figure out where to send it. how to pay for all that.  how to afford life.  i work my ass off and i just hope i have enough to buy coffee and food and toilet paper and hardware supplies to keep making art.  i dont feel i have a choice, living the way i do.  i did reopen my 3rd etsy shop which sells 'destashy' type stuff.  i sold $6.50 worth of bullet shell casings this week (and that is before etsy takes their cut).  I WAS THRILLED hahaha. and with that....back to it. 


drowning in vases

well for anyone who isn't a fan on facebook, i thought i'd update it that i did get approval from kickstarter to do a 'project'!  i initially thought i could make the project me needing a new machine but realize it has to be a bit more 'interesting' so while it feels premature, i went ahead and wrote down my project idea for why i need a new tool to cut these pipes for my vases.  of course soon as that is done i will post a link here.

i'm in some sort of oblivion right know when you have 100 things to do and you end up doing a little here and a little there and lose your momentum? thats how i feel right now.  as you can see, we are up to our eyeballs (well our knees if you can see tods legs on the couch behind this shelf i found outside this weekend) in vases.  i thought this would be a good storage shelf for vases.  our place continues to be a pit beyond any previously experienced way of living i've ever lived.  i must have blinders on to be this obsessed with art/vases....i'm trading in all creature comfort so i can do this?  am i nuts?  apparently.

below are some vases i've been working on.  the green ones are finished save for applying a wax to the outside...something new i want to try with some of the 'duller' colored vases or ones with outside rust.  these are amazing at 20" and 12", great vases for alongside a staircase or front entrance.  i'm going to hold onto these for a bit, i am getting quite a nice collection of square vases going and might show them next month.  note the beautiful black and adobe ones below too.

so. its all about the vases AND flowers.  while you haven't seen many of those; what little i make goes out there in the world to be seen.  mostly i'm trying to get these beautiful blue vases finished.  yesterday while digging around in my stock i found one more blue pipe so i cut that up and will have 20 or so instead of the 15 i thought i had.  these will all be for kickstarter donations as well as a few other pipes. i would imagine by next week i should have that done, so far this week is all about getting art in for the puzzle solo show (last set of eyes being attached as i speak on the mystic), working on flowers for said show as well as a show next week AND cleaning.  joy joy

i'm scattered and not feeling as in touch with online peeps/world.  forgive me if i'm self absorbed.  my head is stuck in a pipe or some such thing.


foresight in hindsight

I finally added eyes to this guy.  Had I not made the puzzle sculptures this year I probably wouldn't have thought to do this.  The girl also has an eye and I'm working on the Mystic as well. Not sure if I will put an eye on the very first one I ever made, Mask On Blue Board.

Getting these ready to take in wed for the upcoming 'solo show'.  I have sold six of my puzzle works in the last few years and hoping to get some movement again with these.  I would make more if there appeared a real desire for them, they just take so long to do I can't see spending more time on them in my current living/life/art state.  People sure do love them when they are exhibiting but thats about as far as it usually goes.  I have found that art collectors are the ones who buy these.  Not sure how to find them...but maybe they will find me.  I'm happy to have finally taken good pictures of these two pieces.  They have been through many stages, at first I had them on the steel shelving without any paint on them.  At one gallery they refused to show them based on that fact (thought they were plain).  Another gallery insisted I paint the shelf if I wanted to show them so I did it.  And now this show, I've decided to give them sight. This is the best I can do, I feel satisfied with them and glad I got nice pictures, hopefully it's a send off !


here and there

nice surprise to find this piece sold in the Vermont gallery recently!  that was a photograph i took in the lower village of stowe, backside of a building/barn off of route 100.  the laminated photo is float mounted onto galvanized flashing.  i love that stuff and this piece had cool lettering on it the 'cop-r-loy'.  i took pastel chalk and smudged it onto the metal to blend with the photograph.  sure wish i had more of that flashing, not finding it here save for some terribly rusty pieces.

which leads me to my vases.  that is what i'd been using on the bottom of my pipe vases.  i lucked out recently and found aluminum scrap pieces that are even better than the flashing because i don't have to protect it against rust.  i've been told that it can corrode over time but the corrosion itself turns white to further protect itself.  saves me a little time too with cutting as it is easier to shape and less grinding means i'm not spending so long just getting the bottoms shaped to fit.

also, i recently picked up all of my work that had been in a gallery all summer.  sold a clock but none of the furniture or wall assemblages. i've posted two pieces of furniture on etsy as well as a few more clocks and vases.  back to the gallery....i had pretty much convinced myself i was over gallery exhibiting and will go pick up some more work that has been in another gallery and focus on online sales.  summer is dead here but also the types of galleries i've been in here haven't the traffic or art buyers that my work attracts.  vermont was so good to me!  if i could make more wall pieces they would gladly accept more, i'm just not in a place/space anymore for it.  having said that, one of the galleries wants to give me a solo show, highlighting all of my puzzle works (this will include my puzzle table and table sculptures)  i can't quite believe i'm going to go back into storage and dig through all my mess to get that work and drive 100 mi round trip twice (it wont all fit in one trip).  i think i'm gonna do it as a 'one more time' kind of thing.  if nothing sells could be time to auction work off.  i'm also seriously thinking about adding some found objects to the pieces to spruce them up in time for the show which is oct 8th.  i've got a week to get it done as they want the work by next wednesday.  it's a fantastic opportunity and always good to have work seen, shame on me for being a grinch about having to go dig through things to get it all. 

so life is still busy considering all i seem to do is clean a few apartments here and there and make art.  the days are long and filled, i'm still in push mode, not sure exactly what i'm doing or where i'm headed [art wise which is life wise] but something is telling me to go and dont stop!


now showing

i keep forgetting to post some pictures i took of my work in the lamprose gallery.  i met the gallery owners during an art opening in march and they wanted my work in their gallery/frame shop.  i like this place a's small, it's contemporary and i think my work looks fantastic in a realistic setting.  i love the sofa and furniture they have in there and i love that they took MY furniture too!

another bad picture on my part, but you will note to the left of the sofa is my woodstack table as well as 52 tile above the sofa.  to the right of that are my found object shelves i made as well as the wonder horse(below).  poor lighting and little crap camera makes me want to apologize profusely.

then there is a center table where the linguist resides as well as a handful of my clocks.  all in all i feel great about having work there even if they stopped having their first friday art walk AND it's summer so its dead.  guess it is better to have art there even in a slow time than stuffed in the storage unit right?

various works by other artists above and below

the gallery is in spring, texas.  thats about 50 miles from me and 20 from houston.  it's located right off of the highway tucked away in a neighborhood where many homes have been converted to galleries, offices, a bookstore, yoga studios and whatnot.  they have recently started up an outdoor saturday afternoon art tent sale.  if i can get enough trays and vases made i might give it a try even in the hot dead summer, for $25 i get a tent space and can show work that is different than what is in the gallery plus i get to keep 100% of my sales save for uncle sam.  i'm sure in the fall it will be busier as more people are out and about.   providing i'm not busy building a house by then eh?


more from our show

Tod's 'depurposed tools'.  Amused many and got plenty of study time.

Pedestal that Jared made with broken tempered glass and grout.  It was a hit amongst the female viewers.

 Tod's obtuse sculptures.  This one right above was called by one artist 'the ballsiest piece here'.

My puzzle table and puzzle sculpture.

Shelf with Tod's miniature found object sculptures.

will have another batch in the coming days.   again, these aren't showing well, its a cave in the daytime with a few fluorescent lights and if i use a flash it makes everything gross looking.  this is as good as i can do right now.  i think my favorite works that tod has done are the two wiry things on the yellow background/door.  i have to laugh, a professor at Sam Houston saw that one and announced it was the balliest piece here.  i said i'm glad you like it.  he said i didn't SAY i liked it.  i said it was the balliest piece.  what can you say to that?

i also noticed many people eyeing Jared's pedestal as well as the small sculptures on tod's shelves.  it really was interesting though how few people seemed to genuinely be interested in the majority of the work, especially mine...least as far as i could tell.  all the openings i've been in/attended people asked me questions ~ good thing i have had many good experiences in showing my art, this show could have crushed me if i were more insecure about my work.  huntsville, you is a hard nut to crack.


the art we showed saturday: tod's daddy dolls

its really challenging to take good pictures of art, and it was more so because this is a space with only one garage opening that faces north and the lighting is horrible. excuse the blur, the bad, i do want to share some of the work we had in there.

starting with tod and his daddy dolls.  dolls made by reversing coffee bags, putting Styrofoam in the 'heads' and using all found objects (no adhesives/glues) to both decorate and assemble the work. (they have yet to be named or priced ) 


good night

the good news is, we didn't get the purported severe thunderstorms and people showed up!  i will admit i didn't think that that many people attended, but tod assures me that easily 50, possibly 75 humans dropped by so i must have been focusing too much on one conversation at a time.  you know how it is at an opening, faces and time fly by and you are unaware of the big picture. 

the big picture is what i must keep in mind, you see, tod has always bragged that at every event i've ever exhibited i have always sold at least ONE thing.  last night broke that record.  it was a big fat zero for me and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little disappointed.  yeah i had my big ticket items there but i also had all my candle holders (starting at $25) as well as other affordable pieces on display. i am disappointed but not surprised if that makes sense.  i can't dwell on it or else i will lose sight of the overall experience which i found to be pretty damn good. 

and i have to say, it was pretty exciting that the one person who did sell something, jared (see the photo above) had never made assemblages let alone show them and he sold that piece within the first 10 minutes of us opening up!  the woman whisked it away and that was that.  glad i took one picture of it while it was still on the wall.  both jared's and tod's work generated a lot of interest all night long.  all my pictures of the evening/art turned out blurry; we only got a few good shots of the crowd.  i'm gonna go back today or tomorrow and take proper photographs of the work before we dismantel it.

as for the crowd:  the guy that rents the office next door works for some local tv station and he was there video taping us.  he asked us all to do an interview but no one was interviewing us, one at a time we all spoke and when it was my turn i found myself squirming and BABBLING about nothing to this huge lens 4" from my face.  seemed too ridiculous just talk about yourself with no prompting from someone else.  i ended it and hope to god i never have to see myself let alone hear myself. 

i was happy that the gallery owners who exhibited my work in march showed up (he can't wait to get his hands on my 'warrior' puzzle piece) as well as most of the crew from the phoenix commotion.  cool to recognize so many faces and to see new ones as well. would i do it again? i suppose so, gotta keep building up steam even though right now it feels like a lot of work for literally nothing.  i'm really not thinking i made any contacts but one never knows what goes on in peoples heads.  i'm sure you know how it is, the thrill of getting ready for an opening usually clashes with the letdown of it all being over and having to find the next venue, the next thing.  i dread bringing all that art back and clogging up my living space. 

funny, i think the best part about all of this was helping tod and jared.  getting the show ready and watching them get their work finished and up.  it was the typical 'last minute' for everything.  literally 10 minutes before we opened jared was still working on his pieces.  tod was also slaving away for 3 or 4 hours yesterday afternoon to finish his work.  reminded me of my first show, and brought back good memories.  it was exciting to see how it all came together somehow at the very last minute.  a HUGE thank you to tod's mom for slaving away with food preparation in the most ungodly heat and humidity we've had to date.  (gee i think it really will be as horrid here in the summer as people make it out to be!!!)  thank you to kristie for bringing us portable chairs and home made salsa and chips.....thank you cynthia for bringing that box of wine (kathy griffin's mom would be proud!) and inviting some of your friends to come as well!  all in all it was a supportive experience and you can't ask for much more than that!


ready set go

today was one big long day.  and we aint done.  decided tomorrow to be 'open' in the afternoon so we dont miss the chance to nab some possible visitors who might be out roaming the 'airing of the quilt' show that will be going on right down the street from us.  we aren't done hanging everything and getting all the loose ends tied up, last minute completion of art in some cases, rearranging of furniture and of course the food getting prepared and set up, thankfully tod's mom flew in from MA yesterday and she is taking over the brunt of that so i can focus on the show stuff.  thunderstorms predicted.  hasn't rained much all spring and now we are getting 'mist'.  hot and greasy humid.  i love it.  bring it on we are having this show rain or shine!

i'm loving the most that its me and tod and jared.  my favorite people in huntsville. (cynthia you live out of town otherwise you would be in that list. you are my favorite person too).  i'm loving that tod has been making his little 'daddy dolls' for the last 2 years and finally they get to be seen.  and since moving here he's made small sculptures from found objects, barely fit in the palm of your hand they do, and they are cool.  and jared, who is graduating from SHSU has still managed to get 3 strong pieces going for this show not to mention (photos above) working his ass off getting signs made and doing a lot of the grunt work to the physical space. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES.  tonight after i left some teenagers were out and i hear they stopped by and immediately gravitated towards one of his pieces and were seriously digging him for how much it was.  how cool is that?????

and i'm happy to have my new puzzle sculptures there...mixed in with my older ones.  i'm thinking i might add 'eyes' now to the mystic after this show seeing as my new pieces have found objects for eyes and it makes a huge difference in their character.  and i have my new candle holders and all my studio furniture there.  the space while small suddenly looks LARGE and my furniture feels a bit diminutive without a chair next to each table.  might have to bring a few chairs in.

what a cool experience though, the whole thing.  working as a team. the three of us picking up where another leaves off and filling in the gaps if one person seems to have more finesse than the others.  i'm not sure i've ever had something go so smoothly and we got done what we needed to get done.  we pitched in and had kristie who is the rock star of promotions help out with distributing fliers and getting 2 press releases done not to mention sending out emails to a bundle of contacts who wouldn't otherwise be privy to this event.  she lent us some xmas lights, serving trays and plastic dishes too.  its all good.  its going to be a fun, relaxed show.  no one has gotten bent out of shape, no far this feels like the easiest art show i've ever done. yeah i'm tired, a bit wired but mostly really looking forward to enjoying observing and interacting with new faces. thanks you guys for being interested and supportive, i will be wishing you all could be here!


Houston we have contact

last month tod and i went to houston. i suppose i didn't paint a very good picture of our experience that day, for whatever reason we just weren't digging it. you'd think after living in huntsville for six months we would be frothing at the mouth for some culture and anything would suffice! perhaps we've both been spoiled by the beauty and culture that other cities we've lived in/visited have offered and houston seemed to pale that day. well, yesterday i went back. i went alone (tod wasn't even interested to bother). i almost turned around the last 15 miles of my 67 mi journey. started feeling a little panicky and thinking too much, but hell with it, i hadda give it one more try.

after making a quick stop at a local farmers market, i headed straight for the Menil Musuem in the cultural district. i'm really not big into going to musuems or galleries but it felt like the thing to do. as you can see below, the Musuem is large and hosts an impressive collection. all told, the Menil's had collected something like 16,000 pieces of art before they died. when i walked in the first thing i saw was a john chamberlain. it was completely unexpected and the only art in the foyer, i felt the impact immediately and actually got teared up as i felt invisible power wafting at me. after i recovered from that, i went through a walkway into the center of the museum. it's divided into east and west sides with 2-3 large exhibit rooms on each side.

the first exhibition consisted of african arts. yes we've all seen this before, but i was particularly struck by the sculptures from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. we are talking 19th and 20th century and the masks were made from wood, pigment, resin, feathers, glass, raffia cloth and stuffing. not sure i've seen anything quite like these. i really liked the works from: Yaka, Lega, and Mboyo. some had nails and earth all stuffed into the bodies of strange beings. i saw some unusual pieces that used metal and copper in ways i've not seen before. it was inspiring to say the least.

i wrote down some of the artists that i saw there: Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Bruce Newman, Robert Morris, Max Ernst, Wolfgang Paalen, Piet Mondrain, Joseph Cornell, Alexander Calder, Jean Tinguely, Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Brice Marden. of these works i admit i wasn't too enthralled. you know i'm not big on painting and i dont get a chill looking at 'the masters'. i saw a picasso and thought so what. thats just me. what popped out at me most was an unexpected Rauschenberg, 'Niagara Summer Glut, 1987'. you can see it if you scroll down on this page. i loved the largeness and lightness of it. i studied it for quite awhile and loved how it was fashioned ~ a small hole at the top of the piece with a screw sticking out of the wall (you can also see some good interior shots of the menil musuem on that page, they dont allow you to bring a camera inside).

i also stopped by the koelsch gallery just north of downtown. my landlord told me about this gallery, suggested i stop in and submit my work to them. a little word of mouth. who knows. they seemed like a possible fit and i'll know in a month or so either way. its a step. a start. i'm fairly certain i can find a few places in houston to carry some of my work, be it wall art, tables or clocks. its a huge city with much diversity in art and people. i'm glad i went, feels like i'll be going back soon as i've barely made a dent in seeing all the art that is there.

and houston?.... i owe you and apology. you aint so bad after all.


sub (ad)mit

tell me it isn't just me. i really want to hear what it is like for you guys when you decide to submit work somewhere. this happens to me every single time i attempt it....i spend days searching for a place that is a) actually accepting submissions b) is close enough i can afford to drop off work to and c) appears to at least have similar tastes in work so my art even has a chance once submitted. so when that criteria has been met, i go about finding which works to submit and going about making my word doc. (which always turns into a 3 hour ordeal for me) and making a cd of the images. i put it in the envelope and then something says WAIT. just wait a day.

and after a day, i go back to the site and check and realize that my work isn't appropriate. or i didn't select pieces that make sense. coulda woulda shoulda. it NEVER feels right. EVER. i dread doing it, am convinced that everything i have submitted is done horribly wrong and have yet to get any results this way. granted i haven't done it that many times. what has worked is when i know a place that is already aware of what i do and slightly interested. then i'm good to go. i can breeze in and be confident and always land some wall space. maybe no one enjoys submitting work. i dont think it has anything to do with 'attitude' or being 'positive' as much as we all have our own way of getting 'in'. some people are better at sounding academic and self important on paper than in real life. better? maybe just more comfortable and at ease with that mode of communique.

and how could i not see that i wasn't even applying to a GALLERY as much as a retail gift shop? am i really avoiding this that much that i'm not paying attention anymore? when you keep trying to walk a straight line and cannot ~ what do you? i think that if you try something and consistently hate it or screw it up then that probably isn't for you. to keep doing something that i think i should do probably isn't healthy. OR, is this what i'm not just do it and forget about it. dont give it so much thought. just fill those application forms out or send off your artist CV and wash your hands of it. is that the secret? blast the world with your work and hope one of the seeds flies into some ripe soil? honestly that never occurred to me. maybe there is hope.

i would love to hear your thoughts/feelings/experiences about this. what do you love, hate, fear about blind submissions. have you found a formula that works? things to absolutely avoid when submitting? have a good story/bad story? i want to know!


show and tell

 so yesterday jared and i painted the wall.  we got a nice blue/gray paint at wall mart for a ridiculous price (jared had the foresight to know we could buy paint that had been returned, who knew?)  for those of you with foggy memories, here is the before shots of the space we are going to use for our one night gallery show.  we came up with a name for the flyers: 12th street back door gallery.

its probably the first time i've really felt excited about doing this show to be honest.  i think i am so scattered and lost right now ....nothing makes sense or feels right in my world and focusing hasn't been a strong point.  it was good to claim the space with some paint and talk about other cosmetic changes we can make in the space.  for as little as gets used here in huntsville, i'm happy to say i've requested wood stain for the interior deck area (see before photos) and someone replied so we might be snazzing up that as well.

the lesson is doing.  and not being attached.  since this isn't our space, since my landlord is graciously letting us use his property temporarily, i haven't wanted to get too attached to 'it'.  i will admit spending time there yesterday got me realizing how i must find an art community.  MUST.  i get it i'm not going to be building houses, my draw to do that at least for now has subsided; instead, art calls to me and i am loving my wood assemblages ... more are in the queue as i speak.  i feel certain these are leading to an opening in my work and i have to continuously be gentle with myself and them lest i stop the flow by comparing and looking too far ahead.  i have to work with the space and materials that are available to me now and forget about what isn't.  i feel i am working at about 20% of my capacity right now space wise/support wise.  its a new low for me and i am constantly needing to halt my thoughts/fears.  i think i forget.  i forget that i never have and never will be like most people.  i'm not family orientated, not going for job security, retirement or other typical american dream dreams.  tod recently told me that 'art will save your life. you just have to keep making it'
out of context that probably sounds ridiculous to most people.  but he knows me.  it struck a chord immediately and reminded me of the day i left it all behind, hit the road and went in search of the artist within that could only be found out there


word of mouth

all i can say is, for me, word of mouth has been the only way i have ever gotten into a gallery, exhibition, and most times sold art. so i owe a big thank you to cynthia who has put in a word and by dint of that, i am for sure in a show march 13th. below you can see one of her beautiful watercolor paintings that is for sale on etsy, as well as one of the soon to be highlights for the eco/green show in conroe, texas. the gallery is the Linda Watson Art Gallery on main street. yesterday i went in and showed some work (which i was able to leave there thank you!) and will bring more in by the 1st of march. while the show will only last a week, and it isn't a large gallery, they are interested in carrying at least one piece on an ongoing basis. Jean and Joe are the owners and have also started a saturday outdoor market that could be another possibility for my smaller works come nicer weather. it was good to get out and have a positive reaction to my puzzle work and mixed media assemblages. beacon of hope....

Fragile Planet by Cynthia Reid
available on etsy


possible sale and a stroll on the bike path

I got a call from the gallery today, someone is interested in this piece: Exoplanet, except they want to hang it whereby it will be visible from two rooms (back and front) so I needed to go there and look at the back and see if I think I could attach a duplicate photograph to the backside and they need to take it home and see if it fits the area they have in mind. I've always wanted to make some art that would be viewed from both sides so it will cool to do....I just wish I could start fresh but these are the only scrap pieces I have like this. There is also the fear about my photograph printer guy not being around anymore. I haven't heard from him, my emails have gone unanswered the last few months. Part of why I've not been feeling very art inclined, I'm at a loss what I would do without him. I've said before the two places nearby I've tried didn't work out for me. I've just tried to avoid it all and so far that has worked just fine for me, yeah right...hence no art. I have to say I'm more motivated hearing from the gallery owner that my Mixed Media Photography always gets a lot of attention. In a large gallery filled entirely with painting and sculpture I think that is pretty cool. It sparked some life back into me being able to talk art with someone who spent a moment with me in his office talking about my 'career' or lack thereof.

Thought I would take a walk today on the bike path, long as I was out and so was the sun. Getting in the habit of bringing my little shit camera just to take pictures and stay in the habit. I like this little corn maze area, I like how it already looks like as far as it's concerned, nice weather and corn growing is a coming. You can see Mt. Mansfield in the distance and the ski slopes. Pretty stunning anytime of year.


West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe, VT.

As promised, some pictures of the expanded gallery and artwork from last nights' opening:

So these three round ones are mine. Another dark rainy day and they didn't have all the lights on. Another excuse for not so great pictures. It isn't easy taking indoors photographs.

This center sculpture is by Chris Curtis (it is his and his wife Tari's gallery) The entire room has been created from a once long, rather useless hall/entry way. They are still going to remove a wall and make a curved opening so you can also see the front doors/window area that is down another hall area. His piece is in the middle so I kind of took an all around view of the room.

And to the left of the photo above is a door and a large glass garage type door that is open during nice weather and leads out to a beautiful patio and sculpture garden. It started raining when I got there so I couldn't go out and get photos. Glare from the windows kept me from shooting a picture of that side.